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President’s Newsletter

On the first Wednesday of each month, I send out a personal newsletter on a topic that interests me deeply. Here at Adelphi, we are transforming students’ lives, and I have so many stories to tell about how we do that—with our outstanding faculty and diverse and welcoming campus; through life-changing internships and winning athletics and performing arts opportunities; and by our personalized approach to higher learning. The Adelphi community of students, faculty, staff and alumni is making news around the country and the world, and I am thrilled to share these stories with you!


Dear Adelphi family and friends,

As we prepare for a return to campus later this month—with a Master Restart Plan that is responsible, comprehensive and flexible—I’d like to share some stories that are powerful examples of Adelphi’s mission and vision. Even in the most unusual times, they remind us that our University is relentlessly dedicated to our students’ success and to transforming lives.

As you enjoy the remaining weeks before our new academic year begins, I hope you are also inspired by these student success stories, and the many others that are unfolding at Adelphi every day.

Stay well and safe!

Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.

Fascinating Journey to a Surprising Career

Alyssa Booth ’20 wanted a career that took her to faraway places. See how she discovered her passion for archaeology digs and Japanese culture along the way.

Meet Alyssa

Research: Scholarship With a Social Purpose

Adelphi faculty members are producing community-based research to address challenges facing society. Read about recent studies devoted to bias against Black students, Muslims, the transgender community and those with mental illnesses in “Focus on Social Justice,” a feature article in our Fall 2019 Academic and Creative Research Magazine.

Alumni Making a Difference—Malika Grayson ’11, PhD

This month, I highlight Malika Grayson ’11, PhD, a member of Adelphi’s 10 Under 10 in 2018. She has now become the second Black woman to obtain a PhD in mechanical engineering from Cornell University. A speaker, educator and advocate for women of color in the STEM fields, Dr. Grayson was recently illustrated (left) and featured in a children’s book on women in science. She said, “I remind myself that I’m not being a STEM advocate for me, but I am doing it so that the next woman, the next girl that looks like me, knows it can be done.”.

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