These are the stories behind the big questions, the thought-provoking findings and the collaborative work happening across disciplines on our campus and beyond.

These are the stories of the people and projects that contribute to the transformative educational experience at Adelphi.

Academic and Creative Research Magazine

Our annual publication celebrates the passion for discovery at Adelphi, highlighting the latest research and creative output of our faculty members and their students. You’ll read about their contributions to the sciences, social sciences, healthcare and humanities; their latest works of art and fiction; and their commitment to bettering society.

About Our Current Issue

Common Threads, Uncommon Impact: From Healthcare to Humanities, Exploring the Interconnected Topics of Our World

At Adelphi University, we are committed to innovation, discovery and the exploration of groundbreaking ideas. We recognize that the challenges our world confronts do not have simple solutions. Rather, they require nuanced approaches and a commitment to investigating through many lenses and perspectives.

Adelphi University’s faculty is actively engaged in research and creative work that contributes to our appreciation of important topics from all angles. The scholarly work highlighted in this issue of our Academic and Creative Research Magazine was selected to show the full range of our faculty’s scholarship, and to demonstrate how these perspectives inform critical issues in society.

We share how climate change is being studied from the perspectives of art, environmental studies, biology and data science, and show the different ways our nursing, psychology and social work faculty are examining the complexities of addiction. We highlight how immigration is being explored and celebrated by professors of sociology, education, communications, music and art, and look at politics not only through the lens of political science, but also of philosophy and business. Also featured are fascinating looks at how members of our anthropology and history faculty are digging into the past.

I’m also pleased to share with you some terrific collaborations our faculty members have had with our students to expand the impact of an Adelphi education through research and hands-on projects. By engaging students as creators of knowledge, we exemplify the mission and power of a University.

I hope you enjoy this exploration of the extraordinary work of Adelphi’s faculty. The work you read about here has impacted our students. And our world.

Christopher Storm, PhD
Provost and Executive Vice President

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