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Levermore Global Scholars

An innovative academic community dedicated to preparing students to become global thinkers and leaders in a changing world.

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Personal Approach, Global Vision

Build your global awareness through classroom study, events and conferences at the United Nations, internships and study abroad.

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In the 21st century, those who have the ability to understand and address interconnected global issues such as climate change, sustainability, world health, poverty, peacebuilding and human rights will be the leaders of positive social and global change.

Levermore Global Scholars (LGS) challenges students to examine complex issues and tackle global problems and prepares them to become leading professionals in their chosen fields. The program enriches any major with an interdisciplinary global perspective through seminars and a variety of co-curricular activities, including cultural excursions, internships, study abroad, service projects and activities at the United Nations.

The program empowers them to think critically and integratively about global challenges and encourages them to take an active role in shaping a better future, as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become emerging leaders in an ever-changing world.

Pillars of the Program

As an academic and experiential program, LGS fosters global citizenship by cultivating students’ academic, personal and professional development in the following areas:

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Levermore Global Scholar Values

Levermore Global Scholars recognize and internalize the importance of social responsibility and justice, civic participation, community engagement, global awareness and global activism, all of which is reflected in scholars’ activities that include:

  • Global learning in LGS seminars, participation in United Nations conferences and workshops, attending events with foreign leaders and policymakers;
  • Community action projects integrated into LGS seminars, independently pursued internships, group volunteer activities and scholars’ initiatives;
  • Engagement in international service and opportunities for study abroad in more than 120 countries;
  • Participation in cultural excursions and artistic events in and around New York City.

Inside Look: Liberal Arts at Adelphi


Aurore Ineza had a life-changing student experience at the African Girls' Summit in Niger, reporting on panels led by the world’s top nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). As a global thinker, this future journalist covered critical discussions of human rights for girls around the world.

A Levermore Global Scholars is...

  • who is able to demonstrate an understanding of major issues, processes and trends of global importance, recognize that different societies and nations hold varied views on the same concerns and better appreciate that we all face varying global challenges despite the global interdependence of cultures, traditions and governance;
  • who has greater readiness and preparedness for shorter and longer stays abroad in order to learn about other cultures, nations and societies;
  • who has a working knowledge of at least one foreign language.
  • who has an appreciation for and experience in civic participation, volunteering, educating others and helping alleviate problems in a community.
  • who is aware of the interconnectedness and the interdependence of various contemporary phenomena, their historical, philosophical, socio-cultural or environmental underpinnings and is able to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between and among various academic disciplines in the context of analysis of different domestic and global economic, environmental, social, cultural and political phenomena.
  • who develops the intellectual abilities to come up with ideas for positive social and global change and acquires skills, knowledge and experience of how to implement initiatives and get others involved.


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