Senate committees consider specific areas of interest to the Faculty.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee (SEC) 

SEC Leadership:

  • Chair: Sarah Eltabib
  • Vice-Chair: Lee Stemkoski
  • Secretary: Michael Matto

SEC Membership: Sarah Eltabib, Lee Stemkoski, Michael Matto, Carl Mirra, Marty Haas, Marilyn Klainberg, Marilyn Paul, Eugenia Villa-Cuesta, Cory Poccia (ex-officio- adjunct faculty)

Faculty Committees

Faculty members at Adelphi University volunteer to serve on one or more of several Faculty Senate Committees.

The committee shall:

  • Receive reports from the duly elected Academic Affairs (Curriculum) Committees of all Units within the University and recommend Senate action on new or restructured programs or courses, including any changes in designated course co- or prerequisite, proposed by the Units.
  • Review and recommend Senate action on any initiatives that seek accreditation and registration for new programs.
  • Review and recommend Senate action on proposals for the creation, merger and/or abolition of programs and academic units, or on other appropriate academic affairs/issues.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Academic Affairs Committee Membership

Chair: Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo

Members: Diane Caracciolo, Steven Cox, Jonathan Hiller, Samantha Kovener, Daniel Lim, Xiaoxing Liu, Kimberly Mullins, Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Tonya Samule, Christopher Saucedo, Heather Waters

Ex-Officio Members: Angela Friedman, Linda Jean-Louis, Elizabeth Ciabocchi

Academic Honesty Committee Membership

Chair: Brian Stockman

Members: Michele Aquino, Tandra Chakraborty, Chana Etengoff, Hanna Kim, Esther Kogan, Amrita Madray, Daniel McWeeney, K.C. Rondello, Shilpi Sinha, Sokthan Yeng

Ex-Officio Members: Fabian Burrell, Michael Fernez, Caitlin Sullivan, Nathan Ross, Matt Lavery, Debra Kyriacou, Steve Everett, Sentwali Bakari

The committee shall:

  • Review and recommend policies and practices regarding student academic performance, including issues related to probationary criteria and practices, student program progress criteria, advisement and or guidance, and remediation practices (including the learning disabilities support program).
  • Review policies of probation and dismissal, providing written recommendations to the Senate.
  • Review policies related to academic freedom in relation to standards, making recommendations to the Senate.
  • Work with the Office of Academic Services to review University policy on administrative aspects of grading policy.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Academic Standards Committee Membership

Chair: Hasan Sapci

Members: Louise Geddes, Michael Moore, Hanna Kim, Amirhossein, Alamdar Yazdi

The committee shall:

  • In cooperation with the Director of Admissions, review and recommend on admission policies including standards, recruitment and retention strategies.
  • In cooperation with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Enrollment Management, review performance on student retention and recommend policies regarding retention issues.
  • Work closely with the Director of Admissions and the Office of Enrollment Management to promote and develop full Faculty participation in the recruitment process, including school visitations, receptions, open houses, etc.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Admissions and Retention Committee Membership

Chair: Josh Hiller

Members: Sung Kim, Ngozi Onyia, Barbara Cunningham, Benjamin Weeks, Kellyann Monaghan, Rachel Issac-Menard, Matthew Lavery (ex-officio)

The committee shall:

  • Review the mission and goals of the Athletic Program and identify areas where help may be needed to meet these objectives.
  • Review University rules and regulations regarding recruitment, eligibility, role and the function of the Faculty Athletic Representative, as well as that of the University Compliance Committee.
  • Identify and recommend policy on academically, socially and financially related issues and/or problems regarding student-athletes.
  • Review and evaluate University compliance with Title IX.
  • Report on the graduation rates of athletes.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Athletics Committee Membership

Chair: Bob Perez, Co-Chair: Daniel McCabe

Members: Dan Bedard, Mara Manson, Tom Ward, Michael Myers, Winston Waters

The committee shall:

  • Monitor and evaluate opportunities for participation in governance, opportunities for professional advancement, and participation in the academic life of the university provided for part-time faculty.
  • Monitor compliance with the Faculty Handbook and with stated school policies of the University and its schools or units as they relate to part-time faculty.
  • Make recommendations to relevant Senate and University committees, and to the Faculty Senate, concerning any policy issues that have an impact on Part-Time faculty.

Committee on Part-Time Faculty Inclusion Membership

Membership will include primarily part-time faculty and a steering committee that represents each of the academic units.

The committee shall:

  • Conduct and supervise all elections involving the Faculty Senate including Senate officers, Executive Committee, and the succeeding Credentials and Election Committee.
  • Conduct and supervise all elections requiring the participation of the total eligible voting faculty.
  • Examine the credentials, rule on the eligibility and recommend the seating of all Senators.
  • Discharge other duties as delegated to it by the Faculty Senate.

Credentials and Elections Committee Membership

Chair: Jiang Zhang

Members: Rakesh Gupta, David Ranzan, Margaret Marie Cox, Srilata Bhattacharyya

The committee shall:

  • Work toward increasing sensitivity and awareness, and educating students, faculty, administrators and staff on the Adelphi campus about the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate individuals or departments concerning issues of accessibility and safety of buildings and accessibility to programs.
  • Review and recommend policies pertaining to Adelphi University and individuals with disabilities.
  • Provide follow-up on recent consultants’ reports as they pertain to members of the Adelphi community with disabilities.
  • Review and report on the availability of various forms of adaptive technology and make recommendations regarding the enhancement of such technologies or the acquisition of new assistive technologies.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Individuals with Disabilities Committee Membership

Chair: Stephen Shore

Members: Pavan Antony, Anita Frey, Rosemary Garabedian, Michael Lennon, Stacey Golden, Deborah Little, Elizabeth Oakes-Lani, Lois O’Neill, Lora-Jean Puccio, Benjamin Rosner, Heather Rotter, Susan Spencer, June Trizzino, Anna Zinko

Faculty Hearing Committee Membership

Chair: Marilyn Klainberg

Members: Raysa Amador, Lori Wolf

Alternates: Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Martin Garrell, Rakesh Gupta

The committee shall:

  • Review all documents from the Administration concerning budgetary plans and policies.
  • Present interim and final recommendations to the Senate about the implications and/or any necessary alterations of these plans and policies based upon assessment of current programs and Units across the University.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Finance Committee Membership

Chair: Winston Waters

Members: Robert Bradley, Juan Jaramillo, Josh Hiller

Hearing Committee Membership

Chair: Marilyn Klainberg

Members: Anna Isabel Simon-Alegre, Jonathan Hiller, KC Rondello

The committee shall:

  • Work in cooperation with the Dean of the Libraries, Library Faculty and SCAIT to evaluate the status of library holdings in light of the academic needs of faculty and students.
  • Work in cooperation with the Dean of the Libraries and Library Faculty to develop a long range plan to improve the library and maximize its function as a quality resource for faculty and students.
  • Work to support, strengthen, and monitor the system of library liaison with schools and departments to ensure currency in library acquisitions.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Library Committee Membership

Co-Chairs: Kirsten Ziomek & John McDermott

Members: Violeta Lilk, Ana Isabel Simon Alegre, Elizabeth de Freitas, Soon Ryoo, Lauren Rosenblum, Diane Santangelo, Kathryn Krasinski, Victor Olivia

The committee shall:

  • Endeavor to welcome and encourage the association and confederation of untenured faculty members into the life of the University by fostering and promoting informal interactions among themselves and with tenured faculty members.
  • Supplement departmental practices in the guidance of untenured full-time faculty through their tenure and review process.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled public gatherings to enable untenured faculty members to present their research, scholarly or creative professional work to the Adelphi community in a social setting.
  • Work to promote the development of untenured faculty members by serving as an advocate for awareness of the needs of those faculty members.
  • Report to the Faculty Senate on the retention or departure of untenured faculty.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated to it by the Faculty Senate.

Non-Tenured Committee Membership

Chair: Vacant

The committee shall:

  • Develop, gain approval and publicize University vision and strategic objectives for scholarly achievement
  • Develop a strategy and strategic objectives to Integrate Adelphi scholarship into online research platforms like Digital Commons, ResearchGate, Google School etc. including tool-kits & training
  • Develop a PR plan to enhance Adelphi’s reputation for meaningful scholarship
  • Tentatively offer research awards for which the committee determines and oversees criteria and process
  • Develop and run monthly university-wide faculty ‘brownbag’/colloquia

Scholarship Committee Membership

Co-Chairs: Kate Fiori & Kevin Mercier

Members: Chrisann Newransky, Claudia McGivney, Dominic Fareri, Jiang Zhang, John McDermott, Lahney Preston-Matto, Laura Brumariu, Meredith Whitley, Michael Christofferson, Andrea Ward, Wei Liu

The committee shall:

  • Review the quality of undergraduate and graduate student life at the University and make recommendations to the Senate to improve the quality of student life. The committee shall consult with the Committee on Admissions and Retention concerning the review and recommendations.
  • Advise the Office of Student Affairs on policies and procedures pertinent to all aspects of student life, offering a summary report to the Senate.
  • Oversee the work of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Law Councils.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Student Life Committee Membership

Co-Chairs: Sarah Eltabib, Justyna Widera, Anna Zinko

Members: Loriann Gross, Stephanie Lake, Emily Dorko, Karen Lopez, David Saenz

The committee shall:

  • Serve as an advocate to maintain the high priority that Adelphi has placed on good teaching.
  • Organize and hold workshops on teaching, the purpose of which is not assessment, but colleagues learning from colleagues.
  • Monitor the academic advisement system.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

Teaching and Advisement Committee Membership

Co-Chairs: Melissa VanAlstine-Parris & Courtney Lee Weida

Members: Steven Cox, Cindy Arroyo, Jean Harris, Lauren Lavoie, Karen Mancini,  Paul Rukavina, Ryan Sobeck, Jennifer Walsh, Lawrence Hobbie, Matthew Lavery, Nathan Ross, Deborah Ambrosio, Ana Isabel Simón Alegre, Daniel Kaplan, Jacqueline Johnson, Susan Zori, Hasan Sapci

The committee shall:

  • Evaluate the status of informational technology in light of the academic needs and freedoms of faculty and academic needs of students.
  • Review plans for the amount and availability of information technology for faculty and students.
  • Develop and recommend a policy for the acquisition of academic software and hardware.
  • Work, through its services subcommittee, to resolve short-term issues relating to academic technology.
  • Carry out other activities as delegated by the Senate.

View SCAIT documents and minutes on Moodle

Academic Information and Technology Committee Membership

Co-Chairs: Michael LaCombe, Aaron Chia Yuan Hung

Members: Nathalie Zarisfi, Kerry Nicollet, Ryan Sobeck, Rachel Isaac-Menard, Ryan Ehrhart, Evan Watchmaker, Liz Ciabocci/ Edmund Pajarillo, Stavroula Kyriakakis, Emila Zarco, Eileen Michels, Monica Yang, Carol Ann Boyle, Beverly Araujo


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