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Excellence in Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Award

The Excellence in Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Award, presented annually, gives recognition to a member of the Adelphi faculty who has achieved a record of outstanding scholarship and/or creative activity. The award carries a prize of $5000, and names of winners will be inscribed on a plaque that will be on display in the President’s Suite.

Candidates for the award must be full-time tenured, tenure-track, lecturers, or clinical faculty and have been full-time at Adelphi for a minimum of five years.  Recipients of the Excellence in Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Award will not be eligible for nomination again for five years. 

Nominees for the award must have demonstrated a record of consistent and outstanding scholarship and/or creative work while at Adelphi. Such distinction can be evidenced through a variety of activities accomplished in the last five years at Adelphi through one or more of the following:   
  • a sustained record of published research in peer-reviewed journals or venues in the discipline; in research monographs; in an authored or co-authored book;
  • presentations at prestigious national and international peer-reviewed conferences;
  • excellence in artistic activity appropriate for the nominee’s discipline such as: recognized major performances, musical and dance compositions, and films and video productions; commissions secured for creative work; solo, invitational, or juried exhibitions at national or international venues; or works of published creative writing;
  • significant grants awarded;
  • important patents or inventions;
  • notable and extensive citation of work.
Application Process
Faculty candidates will be nominated by faculty or administrators at Adelphi. The "Call for Nominations" will be announced via email and campus media. 

To nominate a faculty member, a nominator must write a letter of recommendation.  The letter should be signed by at least 2 other full-time Adelphi faculty and/or administrators in support of the nomination.  Email submissions are accepted.  However, separate emails must be sent in support of the nomination. All emails should be sent to Sharon Faranda at faranda@adelphi.edu. The letter of recommendation should describe and include examples of the continuity and distinction of the scholarship and/or creative work.  

A committee of nine faculty (one from each of the professional schools and the Library and three from the broad areas of the College of Arts and Sciences) will receive and review the nominations. Committee service will be for terms of three years (to be staggered).  Award recipients will serve on the committee for three years immediately following the Scholarship and Creative Work Award.

The committee will notify faculty nominees of their nomination.  The nominee will be required to submit:
  1. A current curriculum vitae;
  2. A statement describing the location, impact, and prestige of the work;
  3. Evidence of disciplinary, national, or international recognition of the work.
  4. A letter of support from the dean of the unit in which the nominee is appointed. 

The deadline for nominations is February 26, 2010.  The Committee will notify faculty that they have been nominated for the Excellence in Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Award.  Once notified, faculty nominees have until March 26, 2010 to forward supporting material to the Committee. 

Awards will be announced at the last Faculty Meeting of the academic year.

Nominations and supporting material should be submitted to the Excellence in Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Award, c/o the Office of the Provost.

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