Goal 2: A Relentless Focus on Student Success

Goal 2: A Relentless Focus on Student Success

Najee Hunt found his own unique path at Adelphi—taking computer science classes during the day and trying stand-up comedy during our Open Mic Night.

As we grow, Adelphi will continue to set the standard for committing to the individual student—and growing their intellectual curiosity, ability and potential—in order to produce generations of curious, compassionate, successful people.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives.

Achieve National Excellence in Student Support

  • Adelphi will continue to emphasize graduation and retention initiatives for each student.
  • Adelphi will add clubs, service-learning and support groups to respond to the interests of our students.

Learn, Live and Lead in New York

  • Adelphi will develop more ways for students to learn, live and lead in New York by making the most of our close connections to New York City and furthering internship, professional, cultural, social and athletic experiences.
  • Adelphi will expand housing options so all students can find the option they prefer.
  • Adelphi will continue to create a vibrant athletics program for student-athletes and fans.

Prepare Students for Careers and Lives of Purpose

  • Adelphi will develop a new gap-year program with service-learning opportunities in Garden City and Manhattan.
  • Adelphi will add more new high-demand majors to reflect a changing world.

Provide Financial Guidance and Increased Support for Students and Families

  • Adelphi will provide financial guidance and increased support for students and their families, including scholarships, fellowships and financial aid advice for everyone from high school through graduate students.

Engage in College Readiness

  • Adelphi will “spread the word” about our unique style of teaching at high schools, offering “life at Adelphi” prep courses and open-source workshops.
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