Goal 3: A Model of Diversity and Inclusion

Goal 3: A Model of Diversity and Inclusion

As part of National Coming Out Day, students held a campuswide fundraiser to help homeless LGBTQ+ youth in our region. We are committed to being a model of diversity and inclusion, not only for ourselves, but also for our community.

Adelphi’s reputation as a community that values, welcomes and inspires every individual—among our students, faculty and staff—will grow on a national level.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives.

Recruit and Retain Diverse Faculty, Staff and Administrators

  • Adelphi will continue to support and grow our groundbreaking Diversity Certificate Program, offered to faculty and staff through our highly respected Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This program offers intensive training in awareness, tolerance and acceptance of our diverse student body.
  • Adelphi will drive retention and recruitment of diverse faculty and staff via greater mentoring, professional development and networking opportunities.

Increase Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Students

  • Adelphi will expand our mentoring programs for underrepresented students by focusing on key engagement opportunities for them through Orientation and throughout freshman year and by providing campus spaces in which affinity groups can gather.
  • Adelphi will continue to be a life-changing resource for our nation’s veterans and a Best College for their needs.
  • Adelphi will reach out internationally to grow the diversity of our student body.
  • Adelphi will continue to proudly support our Bridges to Adelphi program for students on the autism spectrum or with other learning differences.

Create a Welcoming and Safe Campus

  • Adelphi will increase support resources, programs, technology and tools to aid the inclusion and learning success of all students, faculty and staff.

Ensure Curriculum Reflects our Goals of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Adelphi will refine inclusive instruction by offering programs on culturally responsive pedagogy, Universal Design Learning and constructive strategies for instruction of students with disabilities and international students.
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