Goal 3: Smart Growth and Infrastructure

Goal 3: Smart Growth and Infrastructure

Focusing on efficiency, thoughtfulness and effectiveness as we respond to the changing demands of higher education.

Careful stewardship of resources during a period of planned growth has been a foundation of Momentum, which allowed the University to successfully navigate the unexpected challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will remain true to this approach as we continue to transform Adelphi in Momentum 2.

As part of this goal, we will strengthen academic and enrollment growth, build sustainable operations, and modernize our technology, data systems and analytics.

Here are some of the ways we are achieving this goal.

Five Major Initiatives

1. Financial and Human Resources Plans

By further streamlining our business operations into more cost-effective, accurate, transparent, and consistent, and continuing to transform human resources into a strategic partner of Adelphi faculty and staff, we will:

  • Enhance recruitment, retention, and training in high-performing and service-oriented finance and human resource departments.
  • Enhance our employee experience and maximize benefit options to align with our employees’ interests.
  • Develop and implement a five-year financial plan and align capital projects with a long-term campus plan.

2. Infrastructure and Technology

Infrastructure improvements continue to enhance service, support expanded online course offerings, and extend our mission to transform lives. Our ongoing implementation of modern, cost-effective business systems improves operations and responsiveness. We will:

  • Implement new systems and processes that support business operations and a new learning management system to foster stronger student learning outcomes.
  • Expand our data analytics capability to support executive and unit-based decision-making and develop a comprehensive data warehouse to improve dashboard reporting.
  • Build an infrastructure to support a dynamic portfolio of quality online programs and promote successful online teaching and learning.
  • Establish Adelphi as a premier event and conference destination through innovative marketing programs and the development of relationships with business and nonprofit organizations.

3. Fundraising Campaign

Our best practices in fundraising and friend-raising will expand. We will:

  • Prepare our advancement and external relations teams for Adelphi University’s next major, comprehensive capital campaign.
  • Collaborate with key campus constituencies to prioritize giving opportunities.
  • Create inspiring and influential on- and off-campus fundraising events.

4. Enrollment Growth and Retention

Our strategic growth in high-demand professional, doctoral and research programs will be achieved by expanding our targeted recruitment markets and implementing innovative practices in marketing and recruiting. We will:

  • Create a robust geographic recruitment strategy, penetrating markets in local, regional, national, and international areas of interest.
  • Expand our recruitment of communities that are well-served by Adelphi’s approach to personalized support, including first-generation students.
  • Increase graduate pipelines through efforts such as new programs, employer partnerships, and articulation agreements.
  • Use sustainable pricing and financial aid optimization to support undergraduate and graduate enrollment.
  • Execute a comprehensive retention plan to positively impact retention/graduation rates and social mobility.

5. Sustainability

A commitment to sustainability is supported by our efforts to further develop programs and policies that support an environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient environment. We will:

  • Complete the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) survey to establish baseline level scores and key sustainability metrics to monitor.
  • Ensure that sustainability remains a consideration in all future capital projects.
  • Identify grants and other funding sources as additional resources to support our sustainability projects.
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