Goal 5: Financial and Operational Strength

Goal 5: Financial and Operational Strength

Our new Nexus Building provides numerous resources, technology-rich classrooms and ultramodern simulation labs—all under one roof—to help our students achieve their goals.

Growing stronger means growing smart by incrementally improving existing resources and operations, while integrating new and complementary ones, to form a seamlessly high-functioning, highly regarded enterprise.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives.

Bolster University Advancement

  • Adelphi will conduct a concentrated, comprehensive fundraising campaign that unites and inspires the University community.

Conduct All Business in a Streamlined, Transparent Manner

  • As a modern university, Adelphi will run like a modern business. Our new standing Operational Excellence Council will oversee the introduction of best practices, anchored by cost-effectiveness, innovation and transparency, while keeping its focus on systems integration. Sharing better data and analytics across the institution will make for consistently better decisions everywhere.

Transform Human Resources Into a Strategic Collaborative Partner

  • Adelphi’s exemplary Office of Human Resources (HR) will function as our quality control center for the people and processes that will make Adelphi work best. By transforming HR into a strategic, collaborative unit, we can introduce the best practices and training tools necessary to ensure excellence at all levels of University employment.
  • Adelphi will invest in excellence and establish clear training goals at all levels of employment.
  • Adelphi will reward and recognize individuals or groups for best practices to enhance productivity.

Enhance Operations and Facilities Management

  • Adelphi will optimize operations and the productive use of capital funding and resources through precise planning and communications across all projects. Prioritizing alignment with all strategic initiatives, as well as academic, recruitment and administrative efforts, we’ll create a more sustainable, supportive environment throughout all our facilities.
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