Goal 1: An Emphasis on World-Class Academics

Goal 1: An Emphasis on World-Class Academics

Experienced faculty members like Maryann Forbes, Ph.D. ‘99, teach our nursing students using high-fidelity simulation manikins, so they’re confident and well prepared to work with real patients.

Adelphi already offers the intellectual rigor and talented faculty that create a unique educational experience. We will enhance the value of an Adelphi degree by deepening the caliber of the teaching, the programs, and the research and creative work in order to increase the impact of every student’s (and professor’s) years with us.

Here is a sample of our key initiatives.

Enhance Academic Educational Experience

  • Adelphi will make a concentrated investment in developing programs across our Core Four areas: Arts and Humanities, STEM and Social Sciences, the Professions, and Health and Wellness.
  • Adelphi will enhance the quality, delivery and variety of our graduate programs (master’s and doctoral) and research to grow our expertise and extend our reach into existing and emergent areas.
  • Adelphi will launch a College of Professional and Continuing Studies to foster lifelong learning and further increase the value of Adelphi’s offerings.
  • Adelphi will establish best practices for undergraduate and transfer student recruitment to improve intake diversity and quality.

Engage in High-Impact Teaching and Learning for All Students

  • Adelphi will offer high-impact, hands-on teaching and learning for all students, complemented by expanded, mentored research and a pathway to specialized academic and internship programs.

Build Faculty Strength

  • Adelphi will build its academic faculty by supporting scholarship, research, creative work and innovative teaching across all disciplines.

Enhance Adelphi’s Global Engagement

  • Adelphi will build a deeper understanding of global issues through increased international engagement and study abroad programs as well as the creation of programs with more global appeal, expanding our academic presence in our Manhattan Center and maximizing the attraction of our proximity to New York City.
  • Adelphi will spread the Adelphi Advantage and image worldwide by developing and implementing more courses and programs associated with Adelphi University International (AUI).

Engage in Smart Growth

  • Adelphi will embrace smart growth. Through improved fundraising, innovative business systems and well-managed enrollment, we will build a powerful but responsive institution that can support an intake of more than 8,300 students.
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