Goal 1: Academic Distinction in Our Core Four

Goal 1: Academic Distinction in Our Core Four

Strengthening our focus on Arts and humanities, STEM and social sciences, the business and education professions, and health and wellness.

World-class faculty, small classes, and a uniquely personalized approach – focusing on the success of each student – will remain a hallmark of our University.

Momentum 2 will further enhance and expand our academic programs and increase access to an Adelphi education. We will open our doors to more graduate and professional students, welcome more non-traditional students and returning students and increase our online learning opportunities. These shifts will grow our impact locally, nationally, and globally.

Here are some of the ways we are achieving this goal.

Six Major Initiatives

1. Arts, Performing Arts and Humanities

With a strong foundation rooted in the liberal arts, Adelphi will serve as an incubator of creativity and a springboard for artistic exploration and the study of the humanities. We will:

  • Expand programming in these areas, including combined degree programs.
  • Enhance the educational experience for our students, including internships, research opportunities and community partnerships.

2. Sciences and Social Sciences

Adelphi will champion the study of the natural world and the people and cultures that live in it while continuing to build on our strengths in research and technology. We will:

  • Expand specialized programming in the Applied Sciences to meet the demands of today’s workplace.
  • Develop new programs, recruit expert faculty, and expand interrelated social science and health fields.

3. The Business and Education Professions

Our deep understanding of both the foundations and future needs of business and education will prepare students to meet and exceed professional standards in their fields. We will:

  • Develop and launch new academic programs to reflect today’s modern business society within the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business.
  • Expand programming and success within the College of Education and Health Sciences, developing graduate and doctoral degree programs in areas of market demand.
  • Modernize facilities, strengthen our connections to the community, support faculty mentoring and scholarly work, and enable our highly valued alumni to serve as advocates and mentors.

4. Health, Wellness and Social Work Programs

Our high-impact teaching and hands-on approach will continue Adelphi’s reputation for preparing knowledgeable and skilled healthcare professionals and social workers, ready for the future. We will:

  • Expand the academic offerings in Nursing, Public Health, Health Sciences, and the School of Social Work — developing new undergraduate and graduate programs to address the growing need for healthcare professionals.
  • Enhance faculty development and innovative classroom support, supporting the adoption of high-impact learning and educational technology.
  • Help students prepare effectively for licensure exams and certification pass rates, offer more active learning, and improve clinical placements.

5. Interdisciplinary Programs and Globalization

Adelphi’s array of world-class pathway programs, specialized entry options, dual degree programs and student opportunities for global engagement and high-impact immersion will continue to expand and be enhanced. We will:

  • Support and encourage interdisciplinarity throughout the University, including academic programs, team-taught course offerings and research opportunities.
  • Create a diverse body of students prepared to meet global challenges, expand global content across the University curriculum, and increase support for studying abroad.
  • Strengthen the College of Continuing and Professional Studies with a host of targeted initiatives to serve professional students, non-traditional students, career changers, and those who wish to advance their careers at any age.
  • Enhance Adelphi’s Manhattan Center as an innovative hub for graduate and global learning.

6. Scholarship, Teaching and Creative Works

Across all disciplines, we will support and encourage innovation, discovery and the exploration of groundbreaking ideas, research, and creativity—continuing our distinction as a Carnegie Classified institution. We will:

  • Engage University Libraries to boost faculty and student success through open access to knowledge, addressing the diverse learning needs of all our students – both in person and online.
  • Advance professional development for all faculty.
  • Strengthen the infrastructure to encourage our faculty’s work, including their research and grant opportunities.
  • Improve student retention and graduation through holistic advising, early intervention, streamlined student services, and emergency financial aid programs.
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