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Our Derner School of Psychology doctoral students are passionate about their dissertation and research topics. Explore some of their areas of focus.

Fourth Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Ackerman, Sayde Dr. Michael Moore Stigma and bias in borderline personality disorder; underlying mechanisms of depression Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Chen, Crystal Dr. Carolyn Springer Cross-cultural perspectives on attachment; culture-specific assessment of parental sensitivity among Chinese families; weight stigma in eating disorder treatment The Compassion Practice
Degtyarev, Zoren Dr. Michael Moore The Effect of a Brief Mindfulness Induction on Experimentally-Induced Anxiety NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island
Delgado, Brian Andres Dr. Joel Weinberger Effects of Subliminal Psychodynamic Activation on implicit racial bias. Stony Brook University Neuropsychology Service
Fayyaz, Sundus Dr. Kate Szymanski Examining the relationship between trauma, shame expression, psychopathology, and interpersonal relationships cross-culturally. The City College of New York Counseling Center
Kisson, Kimberly Dr. Carolyn Springer Anxiety, depression, culture, and stress Northwell Health/LIJ Zucker Hillside Hospital, Geriatric Unit
Krovatin, Brendan Dr. Lawrence Josephs Masculinity and the effects of non-normative masculine behavior on men’s feelings about their masculinity. NYU Student Health Counseling Center
Kulsa, Mila Kirstie Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Complexities of and intersectionality between severe psychiatric distress, psychiatric care, subjectivity, narrative, and restorative justice Northwell/LIJ Zucker Hillside Hospital, Women’s Unit
Mikelić, Maxwell Dr. Christina Marini Romantic relationship initiation, development, and maintenance; attachment interventions; SMI/psychotic disorders and romantic relationships Mount Sinai School of Medicine Psychosis Risk Program (CUE)
Peebles-Dorin, Maggie Dr. Karen Lombardi Children’s experience of therapy, LGBTQ+ parenting and families William Alanson White Institute
Rodrigues, Gabriela Dr. Laura Brumariu Children’s positive traits, parent-child attachment, internalizing symptomology in preadolescence Child Mind Institute, Mood Disorders Center
Sangster, Raynell Dr. Karen Lombardi Cultural issues in treatment, black youth and mental health
Schwartz, Joshua Dr. Karen Lombardi Parent-child emotion communication, emotion regulation, same-sex parenting, LGBTQ mental health Alice Brown Early Learning Center
Sheridan, Richard Dr. Karen Lombardi Psychology of religion and spirituality, psychodynamic theory & practice, dying and grieving during the Coronavirus pandemic
So, Christine Dr. Kate Fiori Romantic relationships and social network of emerging adults, reintegration of older adults during COVID-19 William Alanson White Institute
Soultanian, Stephanie Dr. J. Christopher Muran
Terry, Kendra Dr. Karen Lombardi Language and literature in the therapeutic encounter New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (NYPSI)
Teodoro de Assis, Renata Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Infantile theories of death, protosymbolization and psychosomatic psychoanalysis, unnacompanied hospitalized children, parental representations and parenthood, early childhood mental health Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Tseng, Ting-Yun Dr. Robert Bornstein Interpersonal dependency and detachment, acculturation, psychometrics of Relational Profile Test (RPT) CUNY, Graduate Center, Student Counseling Services
Tuminelli, Logan Dr. Joel Weinberger Unconscious processes involved in repressive and self-deceptive mechanisms, early object relations, substance use Northwell/LIJ Zucker Hillside Hospital, Bipolar Centers
Vizlakh, Breanna Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Intergenerational trauma, immigration and assimilation, PTSD, neurodiversity Private practice
Waslin, Stephanie Dr. Laura Brumariu Parental emotion socialization; parent-child attachment; child psychological adjustment, anxiety, and depression

Third Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Ayala Aguilera, Nathalia Dr. Laura Brumariu Parents’ strengths and challenges in navigating children’s ASD diagnosis, parental resolution of the diagnosis, parental implicit and explicit cognitions Maimonides Medical Center Child and Adolescent Outpatient Service (CAPS)
Blake, Elyse Dr. Lawrence Josephs Confict in romantic relationships, human computer interaction, emergent technological disorders The Village Institute; Kind Mind Psychology
Chassman, Emily Dr. Joel Weinberger Unconsious processes of shame and mental health stigma Mount Sinai Beth Isreal, Addictions Unit; John Jay College Counseling Center
Goldman, Samantha Dr. Karen Lombardi Sexually coercive behavior, #MeToo narratives, empathy, empathic accuracy Heights Hill Clinic
Gruenstein, Jessica Dr. Nathan George Emotional intelligence and parental reactions to children’s negative emotions Brooklyn College Counseling Center
Kanani, Anxhela Dr. Lauren Gonzales Cultural Dimension, attitude towards help seeking and shame proness Department of Rehabilitation at Mount Sinai
Khan, Amna Dr. Kate Fiori Social network/sociability of emerging adults; parent-child religiosity and mental health outcomes; parent-child bonding Healthy Brain Network, Child Mind Institute
Levy, Dorin Dr. Karen Lombardi Parent-child realtionship through the lifespan National Institute for the Psychotherapies
Liang, Qianlin Dr. Lawrence Josephs The impact of social factors on least favorite sexual activities in heterosexual romantic relationships. Pilgrim state mental hospital
Linn, Emily Dr. Carolyn Springer Mental health effects of COVID-19 on healthcare workers and their children; vicarious acquisition of stress, anxiety, trauma Pratt Institute Counseling Center
Lombardi Civin, Chloe Dr. Michael O’Loughlin psychoanalysis, intersectionality, post-colonial studies, trauma, transracial and transnational adoption, film Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Luong, Emily Hang Dr. Chana Etengoff Multiculturalism, intersectionality, depression, Asian American mental health Hofstra University Student Counseling Center
Marte, Chrystal Dr. Kate Szymanski Trauma, intergenerational trauma, resilience, factors which make individuals resilient to past traumatization Fordham University Center for Psychological Services (Lincoln Center)
Viswanath, Pavithra Dr. Kate Szymanski Trauma, attachment, parental reflective functioning, emotional regulation, acculturation and immigrant mental health Saint Barnabas Hospital
Pereyra, Andrea Dr. Damian Stanley Foster youth, trauma, how trauma impacts development, resilience The City College of New York Counseling Center
Petrovska, Elena Dr. Carolyn Springer Psychoanalytic & psychodynamic theory and practice; unconscious factors involved in repetitive patterns, such as rapid-repeat teenage pregnancy Mount Sinai Morningside, Child and Family Institute
Podell, Samuel Dr. J. Christopher Muran Therapeutic alliance, rupture, motivation, substance use Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Rabinowitz, Yocheved Dr. J. Christopher Muran The termination phase of psychotherapy NYU Postdoc
Rojas, Victoria Dr. Kate Szymanski Trauma; Eating Disorders; Dependency TreatNYC
Schiff, Talia Dr. Dominic Fareri Neuroimaging psychological processes and pathology, reward processing in healthy and clinical populations Saint Christopher Ottilie (SCO) Residential Treatment Facility; Nassau University Medical Center
Sheridan, Silas Dr. Robert Bornstein Personality assessment; personality disorders; moral psychology Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research; Mount Sinai ACT Team
Wainstein, Jeffrey Dr. Karen Lombardi Countertransference, (role-)play, mentalization, and the virtual; psychoeducation in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapies Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR); Derner Hempstead Child Clinic (DHCC)
Wang, Wei-Qian Dr. Dominic Fareri Prosociality and reward processes in decision making, cultural and language nuances in treatment modalities, stigma and shame associated with mental health Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Dual Diagnosis
Xu, Yuanruo Dr. Carolyn Springer Multicultural psychology and cultural competency in clinical practice, including Asian Americans. Baruch College Counseling Center
Zylstra, Micah Dr. Kate Szymanski The relationships between suicidality and individual/collective trauma, mortality awareness and death anxiety, COVID-19 effect on mental health/psychological functioning New York Health Hypnosis and Integrative Therapies; Depression Evaluation Service Columbia University

Second Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Datta, Saumya Dr. Michael Moore Suicide risk assessment and prevention, cultural stigma, immigrant mental health St. Albans VA
Dhillon, Ashley Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Treatment and prevention of sexual abuse/abusers, grooming, trauma in forensic populations, and social justice SelfWorks Group Practice
Friedman, Olivia Dr. Jairo Fuertes Health psychology, physician-patient working alliance in Chronic Kidney Disease patients Mount Sinai Beth Israel (6 Karpas)
George, Elisa Dr. Lawrence Josephs Impact of sexual assault knowledge on heterosexual male sexual attraction Hempstead Clinic
Giannopoulos, Evangeline Dr. Mark Hilsenroth therapeutic process-outcome, eating disorders, perinatal/pregnancy/postpartum Mount Sinai Beth Israel (Addictions unit)
Gordon, Natacha Dr. Chana Etengoff The experience of people with intersecting marginalized identities across the life span SCO Family Services
Greer II, Kendall Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Intergenerational Racial Trauma, Mind-Body, Therapeutic Alliance SCO Family Services
Kelleher, Jeremy Dr. Lawrence Josephs Internalized heterosexism, attachment disturbances, and identity formation’s effect on self-disclosure in LGBTQ+ relationships and forming new romantice relationships for LGBTQ+ individuals Mount Sinai Beth Isreal (Dual Diagnosis unit)
Knafo, Gavriel Dr. Joel Weinberger Political Persuasion, Unconscious Persuasion, Unconscious Influences on Decision-Making, Implicit Motivation Adelphi Student Counseling Center
Kolasi, Jonela Dr. Jerry Gold Psychoanalytic theory and practice; dream interpretation; expreiences of immigrants The Village Institute
Lawrence, Carly Dr. Christina Marini Health Psychology, Sleep, Romantic Relationships and Social Support in Older Adult Populations Mount Sinai Beth Israel (ACT Team)
Leung, Meili Dr. Kate Szymanski Childhood trauma, resilience, attachment, identity Alice Brown Early Learning Center
Miller, Pazia Dr. Karolina Lempert Decision-making and valuation in substance use disorders Hofstra University Counseling Center
Nair, Travis Dr. Laura Brumariu Parent-child attachment relationships, empathy, internalizing problems, adverse life experiences, and meaning in life/meaning-making SelfWorks Group Practice
Prashad, Neelam Dr. Michael Moore Anxiety and depression, rejection sensitivity, cultural adjustment Mount Sinai Beth Israel (Addictions Unit)
Purcell, Alexandra Dr. Joel Weinberger Forensic clinical work with individuals w/ psychotic disorders; Early intervention for at-risk juveniles; community mental health in marginalized populations; social justice interventions Mount Sinai Beth Israel (ACT Team)
Romain, Anne-Marie Dr. Carolyn Springer Biracial Experiences, Colorism, Racial Identity, Familial Support, Parent-Child Relationshops Institue for Parenting (Adelphi)
Siegel, Jordan Dr. Dominic Fareri Developmental Affective Neuroscience, Early life stress, Social Rejection, Decision-Making, Psychopathology Alice Brown Early Learning Center
Thomson, Shannon Dr. Bob Bornstein Conceptualization,assessment, and treatment of personality disorders Stony Brook Counseling and Psychological Services
Wolfram, Lindsey Dr. Damian Stanley Mind wandering and self-generated thought in clinical disorders SelfWorks Group Practice


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