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Our Derner School of Psychology doctoral students are passionate about their dissertation and research topics. Explore some of their areas of focus.

Fourth Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Ardalan, Firouz Dr. Joseph Newirth Suicide bereavement research. Specifically, how do clinicians respond to the loss of a patient.  In addition, how do clinicians respond to suicide attempts. New School Counseling Center
Cassell, Sophie Dr. J. Christopher Muran The nature of the therapeutic process/therapeutic alliance with adolescents and its impact on outcome. MSK Pediatric Neuropsychology
Cassell, Sophie Dr. Mark Hilsenroth Nassau University Medical Center
Florio, Katrina D. Kate Fiori Mental and physical health effects of family caregiving across the lifespan; emerging adults acting as family caregivers; family dynamics
Folse, Killian Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Parent-child communication, intergenerational relations, and childhood subjectivity Montefiore Medical Center
Graham, Kathryn Dr. Jacques Barber Does Mother Know Best? The Relation of Maternal and Child Defense Mechanisms with Child Attachment Security Hofstra University Counseling Center
Gregory, Wesley Dr. Michael Moore Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone
Hartmann, Vanessa Dr. Kate Szymanski New School Counseling Center
Constantina Liasidou Dr. Karen Lombardi New School Counseling Center
Ippolito, Bonnie Dr. Kate Fiori Growth Psychology
Kalmutz, Amanda Dr. Karen Lombardi Who am I?: The relationship between adoptees’ experiences of identity and the level of their adoption openness Montefiore RFK-CERC Under Five Program
Kuma, Naa-Adjeley Ama Dr. Laura Brumariu Counseling and Psychological Services
Loughlin, Lauren Dr. Kate Szymanski Metropolitan Correctional Center
McMillen, Kate Dr. Mark Hilsenroth How interpersonal problems in patients affect psychotherapy process and outcome; LGBTQ-affirmative therapy interventions Brooklyn College Personal Counseling
Parmenter, Megan Dr. Kate Fiori Social support and social strain; network interference; coping with uncertainty Northport VA
Plonka, Solomon Dr. Michael Moore The effect of mindfulness on anxiety, the effects of a self-help motivational interviewing intervention Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
Poon, Michael Dr. Dominic Fareri Effects of Social Media Ostracism on Delayed Reward Discounting Northwell Health
Swistel, Lily Dr. Joseph Newirth Financial and Psychic Inheritances: Phantasies of Money in Upper-Class American Life NYPSI Externship Program
Tanner, John Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Lacanian interpretations of climate change, violence against transgendered persons. Socio-economic dynamics at psychotherapy clinics. Pratt Institute
Uribe, Elizabeth Dr. Karen Lombardi Child development, emotions, and gender SUNY Counseling and Wellness Services
Urmanche, Adelya Dr. J. Christopher Muran Early therapeutic alliance in relation to symptom change in Seeking Safety Treatment MSBI Outpatient Psychiatry
Ward, Essosinam Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Callen Lorde
Weiss, Marina Dr. Damian Stanley Etiology of traumatic stress, Mindfulness-based and integrative treatment of traumatic stress, interventions to address implicit and explicit bias in clinical training Brooklyn College Personal Counseling

Third Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Brigante, Mathew Dr. Joel Weinberger Unconscious processes in depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
Cain, Lylliam Dr. Mark Hilsenroth Psychotherapy process and outcome, object relations, interpersonal theory Year 2: Derner Hempstead Child Clinic / Year 3: NYC Health + Hospitals Queens
Cavalcante Krause, Fernando Dr. Michael Moore Anxiety, Depression, Emotional regulation Hofstra University – Student Health and Counseling Center
Chen, Liqiaonan Dr. J. Christopher Muran Microaggressuibs in racially mismatched dyads and its relationship to alliance ruptures Year 2: Mount Sinai Beth Israel/ Year 3: The New School Counseling Center
Cohen, Elan Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Bronx Psychiatric Center
Gaughran, Sean Dr. Joy McClure Fordham University Counseling
Genovese, Juliana Dr. Kate Szymanski Shame, trauma, intergenerational transmission of trauma, gender issues in psychology, masculinity, relational theory Nassau University Medical Center
Gottlieb, Kayla Dr. Carolyn Springer Orthodox Jewish Women and spousal relationship satisfaction Montefiore Supporting Healthy Relationships
Hougen, Clint Dr. Carolyn Springer Health and rehabilitation psychology, Primary care integration St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx
Kiernan, Christina Dr. Laura Brumariu Parent-Child relationships/Attachment, Optimism & Positive Psychology, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma/Sexual Violence Hunter College Counseling & Wellness Services
Lokai, Andrew Dr. J. Christopher Muran Therapeutic Alliance Weill Cornell Medicine
Department of Neurological Surgery
López-Aybar, Laura Dr. Lauren Gonzales Critical Psychology, Mental Health Stigma, Disparities in Mental Health, Mental Health and Social Justice, Mental Health Policy Hempstead Child and Adolescent Clinic
McCullough, Brittany Dr. Lauren Gonzales College of Staten Island (CSI) Counseling Center
Nissen, Kevin Dr. Joel Weinberger Terror Management Theory, personality pathology, political opinion-forming, and unconscious processing Year 2: Derner Hempstead Child Clinic/ Year 3: Adelphi University Student Counseling Center
Rahman, Mariam Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Intergenerational/ Historical Trauma, Sexual Violence, Community Mental Health Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Rothbaum, Beatrice Dr. Chana Etengoff Brookdale Hospital
Schwartz, Yael Dr. Chana Etengoff Brooklyn VA
Telzak, Sarah Dr. Karen Lombardi Unconscious Transmission of Shame in the Mother-Daughter Relationship Medical Center
Wild, Mackenzie Dr. Kate Szymanski NYU Langone Child Study Center, Long Island Campus
Wolpoff, Alexxa Dr. Joel Weinberger Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

Second Year Students

Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
Ackerman, Sayde Dr. Michael Moore Cognitive aspects of depression
Dimensional vs. categorical understanding of personality and personality disorders.
Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Chen, Crystal Dr. Lauren Gonzales Weight stigma in eating disorder treatment; mental illness stigma within the professional field of psychology.
Culturally-informed understandings of attachment; cross-cultural adaptations of the Adult Attachment Interview.
Derner Hempstead Child Clinic
Degtyarev, Zoren Dr. Michael Moore Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
Delgado, Brian Dr. Joel Weinberger Institute for Parenting
Fayyaz, Sundus Dr. Kate Szymanski Beth Israel Mount Sinai
Kisson, Kimberly Dr. Carolyn Springer Long Island Reach
Krovatin, Brendan Dr. Lawrence Josephs St. Christopher’s
Kulsa, Mila Kirstie Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Bronx Psychiatric Center
Mikelic, Maxwell Dr. Christina Marini Romantic relationship initiation, development, and maintenance; attachment interventions; SMI and romantic relationships Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Peebles-Dorin, Maggie Dr. Karen Lombardi Institute for Parenting
Rodrigues, Gabriela Dr. Laura Brumariu Derner Hempstead Child Clinic
Sangster, Raynell Dr. Karen Lombardi St. Albans VA
Schwartz, Joshua Dr. Karen Lombardi Parent-child Emotion Communication, Emotion Regulation, Same-sex Parenting, LGBTQ Mental Health Early Learning Center
Sheridan, Richard Dr. Karen Lombardi Psychology of religion and spirituality, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory & practice, dying and grieving during the Coronavirus pandemic Counseling and Wellness Center of St. Joseph’s College
So, Christine Dr. Kate Fiori Romantic relationships and social network of emerging adults, development of social relationships in emerging adulthood VA NY Harbor Health Care St. Albans Campus
Soultanian, Stephanie Dr. J. Christopher Muran Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Terry, Kendra Dr. J. Christopher Muran Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Teodoro de Assis, Renata Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Early Childhood Mental Health, Parental Mental Health, Reproductive Mental Health, Children’s experience in Pediatric Hospitals, Eating Disorders in Early Childhood, Somatic Psychoanalysis, Psychosis in Childhood St. Christopher’s
Tseng, Ting-Yun Dr. Robert Bornstein Long Island Reach
Tuminelli, Logan Dr. Joel Weinberger Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Vizlakh, Breanna Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Trauma of immigrant and refugee populations, particularly political refugees from the former Soviet Union and survivors of the Chernobyl disaster. / Transmission of intergenerational trauma. Shelter Rock Academy
Waslin, Stephanie Dr. Laura Brumariu Parental Emotion Socialization, Parent-Child Attachment, Child Psychological Adjustment Shelter Rock Academy


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