Program progression is the process that happens when an AUI student completes their respective language training or pathway program and has been identified to move to a higher AUI pathway program level or matriculate into their desired academic degree level.

Regulatory Status and Program Progression

Program progression happens when an international student completes their English Language Training or Other Pathway Program which is indicated on their issued Form I-20.  Once program progression has been determined by the AUI Academic Director, International Services reports a student’s program completion to SEVP resulting in the student’s F-1 status ending on their program completion date. The student’s program completion date is determined by the last day of classes per the academic calendar for the enrolled semester or session in which the student is progressing.

International Students on Adelphi's campus.

Grace Period Following Program Completion

Upon completion of your program of study, you will have a grace period authorized by SEVP during which you can stay in the United States. You may not depart and return to the United States during your grace period. If you depart the United States before the end of your grace period, the rest of the grace period is lost.

Student Regulatory Options and Program Progression

If you wish to extend your stay in the United States and continue to enroll in academic studies, the student is responsible for completing one of the following requests within the 60 day grace period. If the student fails to complete one of these actions, the student will no longer be in valid F-1 status and will not be able to remain in the United States.

  1. Beginning a New Academic Program at Adelphi University
  2. Transferring to a New SEVP Approved School

Questions About Program Progression

Students should email their AUI student services advisor at with questions about program progression.

Students who are unsure if they will complete their academic program prior to the program end date listed on their Form I-20 should consult with their academic advisor and complete the request to extend their Form I-20.

Documents Required for the Change of Educational Level I-20 Request

The student must submit the following documents in order to receive a pathway program change of level I-20. Be sure to review the I-20 requirements.

Receiving the New I-20

Program Progression is not determined until the completion of the academic semester by the AUI Academic Director.  Until a student has been cleared for progression, and an updated admissions letter processed by International Admissions, International Services will not be able to process a student’s change of educational level I-20.

International Services will process your change of educational level I-20 and mail it to you at the address you provided on your Request for I-20 application within 30 days of the final progression determination and receipt of the admission to the new academic level.

Travel Guidance

Students should not travel outside the U.S. prior to receiving the Change of Educational Level I-20 from International Services.  Students are responsible for submitting a complete request for the change of educational level I-20 through the International Services Portal.  Incomplete requests will not be processed.

Students traveling outside the U.S. following your program completion date will not be able to return to the U.S. without the following:

  • Change of Educational Level I-20
  • A current passport is valid for at least six months after the date of your reentry.
  • A valid current F-1 visa

If you depart the United States before the end of your grace period, the rest of the grace period is lost.  If you are not able to return to the U.S. by the program start date of your new academic program, you will not be able to maintain valid F-1 status.

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