F-1 students are required by U.S. immigration regulations to enroll and complete a full course of study each semester.

Failure to comply with this regulation may lead to the termination of your status as well as all F-1 employment benefits, including on-campus employment.

Students who are unsure if their class schedule meets the requirements for a full course of study should speak with the DSO located in International Services.

Full-time Coursework Requirements

Academic Level Minimum Credits Per Semester
Academic English 18 clock hours per semester
Non Degree (EAP, AAP, MAP, AMAP) Combination of clock hours and credits
Undergraduate 12 undergraduate credits
Master’s 9 graduate credits
Doctorate 9 credits or ongoing dissertation supervision

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having financial difficulties preventing you from registering for classes, you must contact the One-Stop Student Services Center for guidance and available options.

If you are graduating at the end of the Fall semester and need fewer courses than a full course of study, you must submit the request for a Full Course of Study Exemption using the International Services Portal. To be authorized, your remaining courses must be required for graduation, have not been previously authorized for a reduced course load, and registered for a minimum of 6 credits (undergraduate) or 4.5 credits (graduate). Click Here to Learn More

Students enrolled in HF-Hyflex courses must attend in person.

If you plan to participate in any off campus practical training opportunity, you must apply for and obtain authorization from International Services to engage in Curricular Practical Training prior to beginning any employment. Click for more information

No more than one on-line/distance education class, or 3 credits per semester may be counted toward the full course of study requirement. An on-line/distance education class includes: OA-Asynchronous Self-Paced Classes, OC-Synchronous and Asynchronous Classes, and/or OS-Synchronous Real-time Classes.

Under certain circumstances, an F-1 student may request authorization to engage in a reduced courseload (Undergraduate, less than 12 credits or Graduate, less than 9 credits). Authorization for a reduced courseload can only be granted by International Services and only in the following situations: initial academic difficulties, temporary illness or medical condition, or needing fewer courses than a full course load in your last term to complete the program of study. Click for more information

You are not required to study during the summer session, unless you are admitted to start your program in the summer or your program requires you to study in the summer. If you choose to enroll in courses during the regularly scheduled summer break, you may study on a part-time or full-time basis according to your own interest and select any course modality.

You must maintain a full courseload throughout the entire semester. If you drop a class or withdraw from a class at any point, causing your credits or course modalities to drop below a full course of study – this will result in the termination of your F-1 status.

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