The President’s Award for Excellence has been created to provide recognition for extraordinary service to Adelphi, and personally honor exceptional employees for their effort and contribution to our University.

Awardees receive a commemorative plaque, a $2,500 stipend and are announced in a campus-wide communication and honored in a special celebratory edition of The Insider.

A maximum of four honorees (up to two union and two non-union staff) are selected.

2022 President’s Award for Excellence Winners

  • Sarah Avery
  • Alessandra Bevinetto
  • Charlie Kulins
  • Suzy Piatos

Dear Adelphi Community, I am so appreciative of every person at Adelphi who makes our community special and works to support our University, our students and one another. Once a year, it’s exciting to acknowledge a select few staff members who stand out and earn the admiration of their colleagues and leadership. Our 2022 President’s Award…


  • Rosemary Bradshaw
  • Nicole Gaudino
  • Gina McGovern
  • Anna Zinko


  • Bernadette Fitzpatrick
  • Stephanie Espina
  • Samantha Bassford
  • Patricia Veigl


  • Grace Adamo
  • Rosemary Garabedian
  • Jacqueline Johnston
  • Shirley Komansky


  • Theresa Creta
  • Lori Letzler
  • Tracy Nilsen
  • Adam Visconti


  • Scott Finkelstein
  • Thomas Jennings
  • Sheryl Mihopulos
  • Diane Petrouskie

Award was not offered.


  • Andrea Caligiuri
  • Lori Hoeffner
  • Erica Klein
  • Mitchell Nagler


  • Rosemary Bradshaw
  • Laura Ludlam
  • Barbara Schor
  • Thomas Siracusa, Sr.


  • Michael Berthel
  • Ellen Lee
  • Gerard Lennon
  • Jeffrey Trask


  • Kali Chan
  • Debbie Kyriacou
  • Nava Lerer
  • Ryan Monro


  • Edwin Guerrero
  • Raymond Hughes
  • Brian Rothschild
  • Kathleen Watchorn


  • Bruce Brine
  • Donald Duerbeck
  • Liz Kash
  • Leslie Willoughby


  • Muriel Herring
  • Shirley Komansky
  • James Kosloski
  • Steve Prenner


  • Carol Ann Boyle
  • Carol Phelan
  • Roseanne Russell
  • Robert Shipley


  • Patricia Anelante
  • Jean DeRosa
  • Fred Hicks
  • Carol Smith


  • Joseph Battaglia
  • Joan Cigna
  • Renate Lasmanis
  • Deborah Ramirez


  • Joseph DeGearo
  • Patricia Garofalo
  • Craig Kennedy
  • Laura Reitano


  • Peter Borchetta
  • Robert Conaghan
  • Ada Marcial
  • Charles Shopsis


  • Virginia Bruchhauser
  • Diane Caracciolo
  • Rodrigo Hoyos
  • Della Hudson-Tomlin


  • Enrique Acosta
  • Denise Bynes
  • Pedro Guzman
  • Ruth McShane

Award was not offered.

Award was not offered.


  • James Campbell
  • Esther Goodcuff
  • Patricia Mitchell
  • Joseph Posillico
  • Mariann Roesler

Who Decides Who Receives the Award?

An advisory committee (the Committee) for the President’s Award for Excellence will submit its recommendations to the president. This Committee represents six different constituencies of Adelphi, for optimum fairness in their selection of awardees, and typically consists of:

  • Two students
  • Two to four previous year honorees
  • Two Local 153 representatives
  • Two faculty members
  • Two administrators
  • Two co-chairs

The co-chairs of the diverse committee will receive and review portfolio packets to ensure that all documents have been submitted. Nominations for the award may come from any person in the campus community. An employee who is a relative may not submit a nomination but may provide a supporting letter of recommendation.

Who is Eligible for the Award?

To be nominated for the President’s Award for Excellence, the individual:

  1. Must be an Adelphi employee (non-faculty), and
  2. Must have completed at least two years of continuous full‑time service in the department for which they work.

The president, the Executive Leadership Team, assistant and associate provosts, assistant and associate vice presidents, executive directors, deans, academic department chairs, and full‑time faculty are not eligible for this award.

Former award recipients are eligible for renomination five years after receiving their awards. Those nonrecipients who have been previously nominated may be nominated again.

What Are the Criteria for Selection?

The standard for the President’s Award for Excellence is exceptionally high. Recipients should be individuals who have repeatedly sought to better themselves, their units and, ultimately, Adelphi University, and, in so doing, have transcended normal definitions of excellence. At all position levels, they should be those who can serve as role models for the University.

  1. Each awardee should be a person who has helped Adelphi, or our community, reach even higher levels of achievement.
  2. Since the Committee members may not be familiar with those nominated, it is recommended that all three letters of recommendation be as descriptive as possible. We recommend letters to be one to two pages in length (250 – 800 words).
  3. The evaluation of candidates shall be done on the basis of substantive evidence included in the portfolio for each candidate.
    • Descriptions of the categories in the guidelines should be provided in the nominator’s letter.
    • Specific examples as may be appropriate should be provided.
  4. The responsibility for assembling and submitting the portfolio for each nominee rests with the nominator.
    • The nominee should be involved only in confirming employment dates at Adelphi and may provide a list of names of persons from whom letters of recommendation may be solicited.
    • Individual nominees should not be given the responsibility of preparing their own portfolio or submitting narrative statements on their own behalf.
  5. The deliberations of the Committee will be strictly confidential.

Nomination Instructions

To nominate a non-union candidate, you will need to submit:

  • A nomination form
  • Your letter of nomination. Please describe in one to two pages (250 – 800 words) how this candidate contributed to Momentum, our strategic plan. Did they make a significant contribution to one or more of these?
    • Our World-Class Academic Experience
    • Student Success
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Powerful Connections
    • Financial Strength
    • Becoming a Well-Known University
  • A description of your nominee’s accomplishments, which may include:
    • Leadership
    • Decision Making
    • Problem Solving
    • Interaction with other departments/employees
    • Interaction with students
  • A description of your nominee’s Panther pride:
    • Professionalism (demonstrating strong work ethic)
    • Respect (treating others with courtesy, acceptance and respect)
    • Integrity (acting honestly and responsibly and holding oneself accountable)
    • Dedication (being committed to one’s job or job-related to tasks or purpose)
    • Enthusiasm (showing interest or enthusiasm either on the job or at Adelphi sporting events or performances, or in committees or organizations)
  • Two additional letters of recommendation, one to two pages in length (250 – 800 words), and at least one must be from an Adelphi employee; only one person per letter.

To nominate a union candidate, you will need to submit:

  • A nomination form
  • Your letter of nomination describing, in one to two pages (250 – 800 words), the following:
    • Outstanding achievement in the workplace, like performing extra duties, serving on a committee or team, helping employees to improve skills, or special efforts to recognize excellence in others.
    • Exceptional contributions toward efficiency and effectiveness of operations, like developing new and creative ways to reduce waste, improving service to stakeholders (such as students, parents, alumni or employees); attending training, including programs offered by the University (e.g. Technology Certificate Program,
    • Outstanding service to the University community and/or visitors, like delivering exceptional service to University projects or committees, or contributing to public service and community outreach.
    • Special efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion, like attending workshops in the University Diversity Certificate Program; increasing awareness of and respect for different cultures; taking action to support and champion diverse populations; embedding diversity and inclusion into their work.
  • Two additional letters of recommendation, one to two pages in length (250 – 800 words), and at least one must be from an Adelphi employee; only one person per letter.
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