The Honors College seeks to prepare highly talented and motivated students to face the 21st century by providing them with the intellectual perspectives and critical skills needed to exercise responsible leadership at every level of their lives.

Our Curriculum

Honors students have the privilege of taking an alternative General Education curriculum. In place of the standard classes, Honors students complete two year-long courses that introduce great texts and ideas. Students also take Honors seminars on more specific topics. In their final year, all students undertake an individual research project on a topic of interest to them that culminates in an honors thesis.

Core Courses: Modern and Human Condition

These year-long courses provide a common groundwork for our intellectual community, cultivating a shared sense of collaboration, debate, and inquiry that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Advanced Seminars

In these seminars, our students realize that they are not simply learning facts but actively constructing the future of a field or dismantling disciplinary silos.


A yearlong project designed to bring about and demonstrate your intellectual mastery and to encourage the integrity and responsibility that only a complex project can illustrate.

Course Requirements and Retention

While taking these engaging classes, Honors College students must satisfy specific GPA requirements as well as the University-wide general education requirements.

Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs

Honors College students are able to complete double majors and pre-professional programs including three-year joint programs with distinguished partner institutions. Giving you all the benefits of an Adelphi education, with a direct path to a prestigious graduate program. Learn more about Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs and prepare for your future.

National Scholarships & Fellowships

Learn about highly competitive awards that can provide opportunities and support during your studies.

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