Our campus activities foster an inclusive environment.

Community members across our campus have organized around goals and initiatives which aim to advance the cause of diversity at Adelphi. The following are a small sample of the wide range of activities which occur every year on Adelphi’s campus.

Diversity-Focused Student Clubs and Organizations

Among the numerous organizations available to Adelphi students, diversity organizations are some of the most popular. There are currently more than two dozen diversity-focused organizations available to interested students, centered around issues of culture and ethnicity, faith, advocacy and social action. Culturally-based fraternities, sororities and social fellowships are also available.

African, Black, and Caribbean Studies

African, Black and Caribbean Studies sponsors numerous events throughout the year, including the annual African American Read-In, the John Hope Franklin Distinguished Lecture and the James Baldwin Lecture on Literary and Social Criticism series, documentary screenings, performances, art exhibits and much more. The center builds on more than four decades of interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship and cultural programming to provide an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on exploring the historic, cultural, socioeconomic and political dimensions of people of African descent.

The center also supports community engagement initiatives and cosponsors lectures and social justice public programs and events with the Collaboration Project, Conversations on Race, the Racial Justice Alliance, Black Students Union, the NAACP, and varied restorative justice initiatives like Black Lives Matter.

Conversations on Race (CoR)

Conversations on Race (CoR) is an interracial group of concerned faculty, students, staff and administrators who chose to begin a dialogue about various institutional, interpersonal and internalized manifestations of racism within and beyond the walls of Adelphi University.

CoR was co-founded in the Fall 2011 by two professors in the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education. Both professors identify as White, and both were concerned about alternative realities that mapped out along the racial/ethnic lines. Sensing the need for fact-gathering dialogues, which soon became dialogues to build awareness and plan for institutional change, they held their first meeting in December 2011 in the School of Education, open to all but primarily attended by faculty and staff of color. Since Spring 2013; the group has been regularly planning open campus-wide dialogues which have been well-attended by students, faculty, staff and administrators. In round-table and town hall formats, the group members have maintained these necessary dialogues and collected information, which is continuously shared with relevant units, individuals and constituencies. CoR continuously supports various initiatives toward racial justice promoted by other on-campus groups and organizations.

CoR is not a mandated standing or ad hoc committee but rather a grass-roots initiative. seeking to explore issues relevant to racial justice and to contribute to building the kind of community that is diverse both in word and deed and is equally welcoming to all, with respect and accountability to their racial or ethnic backgrounds as well as to their individual selves. CoR has an established relationship with the University Diversity Committee and is represented in the Racial Justice Alliance on Adelphi University campus.

The Ghostlight Project - A National Movement

On January 19, 2017 at 5:30 p.m., the Adelphi community came together at the Adelphi PAC to create a light for dark times ahead, joining other gatherings occurring in each time zone across the country.

This light will shine for four years to affirm Adelphi University’s pledge to stand for and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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