Connecting with other Adelphi alumni is always more fun when you have a shared interest.

Our affinity groups enable graduates who feel a strong affiliation to a common interest to host events and meet for a common reason. Led by alumni volunteers through a partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations, affinity groups provide a meaningful way to stay connected with the Panther network based on shared interest.

I truly believe that one of the highest acts of humanity is service to others. Adelphi provides me an opportunity to reinvest in the institution that has invested a great deal in my development as a professional and more so as an individual equipped to impact society.

Isiah Hall ’06, MBA ’08 President of the Multicultural Alumni Chapter

How Affinity Groups Work

Affinity Groups foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for alumni based on common interest.  They communicate regularly and effectively with alumni, The Office of Alumni Relations and Adelphi University. As part of their future planning, affinity groups recruit new volunteers and serve as a contact for current students.

Affinity Group Expectations

Affinity Groups are the main point of contact for Adelphi University Alumni in areas of common interest. To maintain an active community, we ask that affinity groups keep a consistent presence by:

  • Hosting regular meeting with members and at least one social event each year that appeals to a wide variety of alumni.
  • Supporting Adelphi University events (admissions activities, academic events, AU Panther athletic teams)
  • Supporting current students in each affinity
  • Providing opportunities to recognize and celebrate the achievements of alumni in each affinity

Benefits of Joining an Affinity Group

Becoming an active member or leader of an affinity group provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Reconnecting with classmates and meeting new Panthers
  • Building a stronger network of other alumni
  • Opportunity to connect with current students
  • Occasions for strategic discussions about Adelphi’s successes and challenges
  • Becoming knowledgeable about University news and how to stay engaged

How To Start Your Own Affinity Group

Don’t see an affinity group you are interested in and want to get one started? Here are a few things to consider before partnering with the Office of Alumni Relations to launch a new one.

  1. Connect with Alumni Relations: The person interested in starting the affinity group will need to reach out to the Associate Director of Alumni Relations (who is in charge of affinity groups) and schedule an interest meeting (virtually or in-person). Where possible, we recommend having more than one alumni interested in launching a chapter.
  2. Interest Meeting: During the interest meeting, the interested alumni leaders and the Associate Director will review the potential affinity group to determine if there is an adequate amount of alumni to sustain a successful group and what will be expected of them to start and maintain it.
  3. Chapter Planning: If both parties are in agreement, new affinity group leaders will work with the Associate Director to write an affinity group charter that includes a mission statement, goals for the chapter, and the leadership structure.
  4. Affinity Leaders Meet: The affinity group leaders will meet regularly (virtually or in-person) to plan a launch event with the support of the office of alumni relations and Adelphi campus partners, if applicable. Generally speaking, successful events require a minimum of 8 weeks to plan and execute. Affinity leaders are necessary to promote the event to their classmates through social media, email, and texting. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful!
  5. Recruitment: Before, during, and after the launch, affinity group leaders will be responsible for recruiting other alumni volunteers who would like to lead the group. Alumni Relations staff members may assist in this endeavor by referring interested alumni.
  6. Keep It Going: After the launch, the leaders will maintain the affinity presence through regularly scheduled meetings, formal and informal events, and support of Adelphi University, including Admissions, Athletics, and Advancement initiatives.
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