As a Yellow Ribbon School, we are dedicated to helping veteran students earn their degrees.

The mission of our Student Veteran Task Force is to identify and implement strategies for best supporting our veteran and military students—including enhanced services, strong networks, enriching experiences and access to local and national resources.

Our Vision and Goals

Our Student Veteran Task Force seeks to implement strategies and services that best support the success of our veteran and military students in a welcoming Adelphi atmosphere.

  • We will raise awareness of our veteran student population and build a supportive culture that includes community events (guest speakers and conferences).
  • We will establish a veteran contact in every department of the University so that military and veteran students have a point person from enrollment to graduation.

Achieved Goals

  • A study of our veteran students provided insight into how we can best support them.
  • A list of tasks for each task force member was identified for implementation to help improve the veteran student experience.
  • A consistent meeting schedule allows the Student Veteran Task Force to advance our goals continually.
  • Veterans Day is honored with a ceremony on campus.

Committee Members

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