Faculty Senate Committee

The Faculty Senate is made of faculty representatives who work for the overall development of the university. Faculty representatives are elected to the faculty Senate. Article III. C of the Articles of Governance specifies the composition of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee (SEC) is the elected leadership of the Senate and includes a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and several Executive Committee members. Faculty members volunteer to serve on one or more Faculty Senate Committees. The SEC works on issues which impact the faculty, administrators, staff and students which include academic affairs, academic standards, academic information and technology, admissions and retention, athletics, credentials and elections, finance, individuals with disabilities, judiciary, teaching and advisement and untenured faculty. There are 12 committees whose responsibilities are listed above. The senate executive committee and faculty senate each meet twice a month.

 Faculty Senators
Senate Executive Committee

Dr. Devin Thornburg
Committee Chair
Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
Harvey Hall, Room 230
p - 516.877.4026
f  - 516.877.4097
e - thornburg@adelphi.edu

Dr. Carl Mirra
Committee Vice Chair
Associate Professor and Director
Ruth S. Ammon School of Education
Alumnae Hall, Room 245
p - 516.877.4137
f  - 516.877.4097
e - mirra@adelphi.edu

Dr. Cindy Arroyo
Committee Secretary
Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hy Weinberg Center, Room 120
p - 516.877.4768
f  - 516.877.4865
e - arroyo@adelphi.edu

David Parkins
Associate Professor
p - 516.877.4152

Patricia Facquet
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director
p - 516.877.3796

Carolyn Springer
Assistant Professor
p - 516.877.4753

Victor Oliva
Assistant Professor
p - 516.877.3587

Georgia Newlin
Associate Professor
p - 516.877.4625


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