The undergraduate internship program at the Derner School of Psychology is designed to provide practical experience for students looking to continue their studies at the graduate level.

We are committed to advancing the field of psychology by diligently equipping students to excel in their academic endeavors. Internships play a crucial role in enhancing students’ understanding and experience in clinical, school, and/or research environments.

As part of their academic journey, psychology majors must engage in a Senior Experience Applied (SEA) course, where internships serve as valuable opportunities to fulfill degree requirements.

How to Start Your Internship

  1. Students complete and submit their course application.
  2. Upon approval, students interview for their internship and inform the faculty internship mentor about their placement details. They will either approve the internship or inform the student if it isn’t suitable.
  3. If offered, the student accepts the internship position.
  4. With everything in place, students commence their course alongside their internship.

Internship placements have included:

Undergraduate Program Contacts

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