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Combine the scientific method and analytical skills with business knowledge and earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in just five years to launch a lucrative career in science-based businesses.

Why Earn a Combined Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

Science and technology have become pervasive, and science-based businesses are among the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy. Your training through the Business of Science program provides key analytical skills and business knowledge to help you make valuable contributions to global companies in science- and technology-based industries using advanced technologies ranging from pharmaceuticals and software to advanced manufacturing.

Why Earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s Business of Science Dual Degree at Adelphi University in New York on Long Island?

  • Stand out to future employers as a highly analytically skilled individual with a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-oriented background combined with business. Learn at your own pace—full or part-time.
  • Benefit from innovative teaching approaches that involve close collaboration with faculty, integrate knowledge from different disciplines and gain hands-on experience via research, in-class “live projects” with companies and internships.
  • Create a unique set of skills by customizing your bachelor’s degree coursework to meet your interests and goals (major in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, computer science or mathematics). Position yourself to discover and develop new opportunities for global companies by integrating these skills with business knowledge.
85%* * based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022
of our master’s graduates say that Adelphi University offers an intellectually rigorous and unique educational experience
based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022

The five-year Business of Science BS and MBA provides a unique opportunity for students at Adelphi to integrate scientific and analytical skills with business knowledge. This combination will benefit students by positioning them to become successful and valued members of global companies as well as start-ups seeking new growth opportunities in high-technology industries or disruption of mature industries.

Gita Surie, PhD Professor of Management, Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

Adelphi students participating in research at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island.

Program Info

Within the BS and MBA program at Adelphi, you’ll develop a deep knowledge of science in the course of your studies for a bachelor’s degree in science. You can major in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, computer science or mathematics—whatever your passion. In the program’s fifth year, you’ll develop and sharpen practical business skills and strategies as you complete a Master of Business Administration.

The combination of these prestigious credentials will set you apart from others in your field, helping you fast-track your career, grow your medical practice or succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Business of Science program at Adelphi augmented my academic growth and will be instrumental to my professional development. By complementing a biology degree with an MBA, I have acquired an appreciation for the intersection of medicine and business. This interdisciplinary education will be incredibly useful as I pursue a career in medicine and progress towards perhaps a hospital management position. I am grateful for the opportunities this program has offered me and look forward to exploring what the future holds.

Sariah Principal Current student, 4+1 Business of Science Program

Application Requirements

To apply for this program, submit the appropriate application requirements:

Additional Requirements

Students who are already enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate business of science program and who meet GPA requirements can apply for the BS and MBA dual degree program once they have completed particular steps in the major. Speak to a faculty member in the business of science program about the 4+1 option.

Transformative Educational Opportunities

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for the following programs to expand their educational landscape:

  • The Honors College – fostering intellectual perspectives and critical skills
  • Levermore Global Scholars – preparing students to become global thinkers and leaders
  • Study Abroad – providing opportunities to experience another culture and see the world from a new perspective

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