The Center for Student and Community Engagement (SCE) manages numerous student organizations to meet a variety of student interests and needs. These organizations meet specific accreditation requirements and must be open to all undergraduate students. In turn, they receive support from a SCE advisor, a dedicated email address and MyAULife page to promote their organization, and funding by the Student Government Association.

For students looking to develop honor societies and other student groups on campus that are not open to the entire undergraduate student body based on guidelines from a national organization (i.e., invitation-only, GPA requirement, major-specific) and that are not considered Greek Organizations/Social Fellowships, SCE has developed an application process under our Student Leadership initiatives.

Leadership & Honor Societies

An Honor Society is an organization that seeks to recognize students for exceptional achievements. Typically, honor societies invite students to join based on academic performance, program of study, or exemplary experience in leadership and civic engagement. In addition to an invitation, there are often local and national dues required for membership. Current Leadership & Honor Societies active at Adelphi University include:

To be recognized as a Non-SGA Affiliated Student Groups and Society, the following requirements and expectations must be met:

  • Students should review our guidelines for how to recognize a legitimate honor society (more information below) to ensure their organization is legitimate and beneficial for Adelphi students.
  • The group should have active support from a national organization, with contact information for a liaison who can offer guidance and support.
  • The organization should identify a faculty or staff advisor to support their efforts.
  • Each board member of the organization commits to completing federally-mandated Title IX training each academic year.
  • Each board member of the organization commits to complete training provided by the Center for Student and Community Engagement on MyAULife, room reservations, and catering requests.
  • The organization recognizes that student groups which are not open to the entire undergraduate student body are not eligible for SGA funding, and must rely on fundraising and dues for any necessary purchases.
  • While the group is permitted to limit participation based on criteria as required by a national organization (such as GPA or program of study), it must allow participation without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran.
  • The group is established for purposes that do not violate local, state or federal law; are consistent with the broad educational mission of the University; and are supportive of the regulations, guidelines and policies of Adelphi University.  The University recognizes that some student organizations may have a purpose to advocate for a change in existing law and this provision does not prevent the student organization from exercising its First Amendment Right to do so.
  • Other than the requirements listed above, the student group will not be expected to adhere to the Student Organization Accreditation Process, known as SOAP.
  • The student group must apply for recognition through MyAULife

The Center for Student and Community Engagement will review each application. Upon determining that the traditional SGA student organization process is not better suited for the organization, attesting the legitimacy of the national organization, and confirming that any limitations on participation in the group are not discriminatory, the following resources and support systems will be granted to the group:

  • Access to an official Adelphi email account for the student group
  • A MyAULife page (pending training) to promote their organization and events
  • Inclusion on our list of societies and student groups on the SCE website
  • A club account number for holding dues and other funds gained through fundraising
  • The ability to receive mail at the Center for Student and Community Engagement and coordinate pick-up with our Administrative Assistant
  • A liaison in the Center for Student and Community Engagement for assistance with administrative tasks as necessary, including listing fundraisers and dues on University Tickets

Organizations within Academic Departments

The Center for Student and Community Engagement also recognizes there are some student groups which have historically operated under academic departments with the support of faculty. Those groups are welcome to consider the SGA Recognized Student Organization process, or this process, if either are applicable.

In the event these groups and faculty prefer to remain separate from both of these processes, they understand that they will not have access to a MyAULife page, and should still complete the federally-mandated Title IX training. For questions about which process is right for your group, please email and we’d be happy to assist!

Sports Clubs

For student groups that are focused on physical activity, like a sport or dance group, the Sports Clubs process through Campus Recreation is the best fit! Visit the campus recreation site for more information about active sport clubs or starting new sport club.

Have you received a letter of invitation for a collegiate honor society and wonder if the organization is legitimate or if it is a worthwhile opportunity? SCE has put together a helpful guide to assist you in making a decision about joining an honor or leadership society.

As a member of an honor society, you can benefit in many ways:

  • Build connections with like minded students
  • Get involved at Adelphi and in the local community
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become affiliated with a national organization

Because dues payments are often required for membership in these organizations, you should ask some crucial questions to make sure you will receive appropriate benefits in return for your dues. We encourage you take the following steps:

  • Start by visiting the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) website. This independent agency certifies college and university honor societies and sets standards for organizational excellence.
  • Use their standards guidelines to see how the organization in question measures up.
  • Organizations on the member societies list with ACHS are guaranteed to meet the ACHS standards guidelines and are academically and fiscally credible. Organizations not on the ACHS list should be carefully scrutinize

Only you can decide whether joining the organization is a good decision for you. We encourage you to consider the following questions:

  • Does this organization have an active chapter on my campus?
  • Will I be able to participate in meetings and activities? You will benefit most from organizations that allow you to be actively involved, not just something that’s a line on your resume. If a prospective employer asks you about your membership in an honor society, would you have something meaningful to share with them? If not, it may not be worth joining.
  • Are there other societies and organizations I may prefer to spend money to join instead? If you maintain an outstanding academic record you will likely be invited to join many societies throughout your time at Adelphi University. Remember that you do not need to join all of them (or any of them). Think about your budget and if you might want to be selective with which organizations you chose to become a dues-paying member.
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