The role of a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL) is to serve as a link between incoming students and the University to assist in the transition into the college experience.

The goals of the Peer Assistant Leader program include:

  • Assist new students in learning about the academic and social aspects of life at Adelphi University.
  • Familiarize new students with the resources that are available to them.
  • Plan programs dedicated specifically to first-year engagement and involvement in the Adelphi community.
  • Serve as role models for new students and help them feel more comfortable in their role as college students.

The Center for Student and Community Engagement will select a group of mature, dedicated, and supportive undergraduate students who have shown a commitment to fostering academic and social success within the Adelphi community. PALs will be assigned to a First-Year Seminar course in the Fall and will work with instructors to provide a meaningful introduction for new students at Adelphi. Selection as a PAL is competitive and requires knowledge of University resources, policies, and procedures.


  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student, having completed two semesters.
  • Exhibited leadership experience and potential for growth.
  • Good academic standing, with a minimum grade point average of 2.5.
  • Good disciplinary standing.
  • Knowledge of University resources (both academic and social).
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with student groups and faculty members.
  • Demonstrated desire to learn about the University community, programs, policies and procedures

Roles and Responsibilities

As representatives of Adelphi University, Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) have many responsibilities. PALs are expected to have the interpersonal skills necessary for dealing with new students, both individually and in groups. They must be friendly, welcoming, and articulate. While being a mentor to new students, PALs will communicate and uphold University policies, and all necessary rules or guidelines. They will be expected to report any student whose conduct is deemed inappropriate and/or infringing upon the rights of others to the seminar professor and/or to the Center for Student and Community Engagement. PALs should serve as positive role models in all they do and promote positive campus spirit.

In addition, Peer Assistant Leaders will:

  • Attend a meeting/training session to become familiar with the workings of the University resources. During this session, various training discussions will be held to assist the PALs in effective and appropriate management of student situations. Successful applicants will be contacted with the date/time.
  • Attend and assist with Matriculation Day activities during Welcome Weekend before the Fall semester.
  • Attend one class in their assigned First Year Seminar section(s) each week during the first 6 weeks of the semester.
  • Collaborate with other PALs to plan at least one program in both the Fall and Spring semesters dedicated specifically to first-year student engagement on campus.
  • Follow the guidelines for communicating certain topics such as open planning/course registration, registrar updates, etc.  A timeline will be provided.
  • Make an effort to get to know new students (both in and out of the classroom); reach out as often as possible to make them feel at home.
  • Be a resource for new students; help them to resolve problems and/or concerns which may arise throughout the semester.
  • Disseminate information to the assigned Seminar class regarding upcoming campus events.
  • Encourage new students to participate in student activities, campus programs and cultural events (invite students to join you at something you will be attending).
  • Attend biweekly PAL meetings to continually build professional and leadership skills.
  • Work with the seminar professor to define your role further in the class.
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