Choosing a major is important but it rarely determines what you will do “with the rest of your life.”

People change careers many times, so preparing for your first career is all you need to think about right now. In fact, most employers look for skills and achievements, rather than a specific college major. Therefore, you might want to choose a course of study in which you can achieve good grades, develop skills, and find enjoyment.

Regardless of field, all employers want candidates with strong communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, organizational, research and technology/computer skills.

Want to Hear from Someone in the Field?

Access thousands of informational videos on CandidCareer the career you’re looking for.

Help! I’m Undecided

Don’t worry, many students come in as undeclared majors! Over your first year or so, your decision about what to major in may spring from new self-knowledge, an interesting class or internship experience, or emerging interest in a career field. Sometimes, choosing a major is difficult because you believe that you must know now what your future career will be – but major decision does not necessarily equal career decision. Here are our suggestions to help you choose:

  1. Contact the Office of Academic Services and Retention to arrange an appointment with an adviser.
  2. Participate in the First Year Orientation Experience classes on career development, workshops, and career interest assessments.
  3. Visit the Center for Career and Professional Development. You can research different majors and careers. In addition, you can take a career inventory that will assist you in choosing a major.
  4. Meet with a career counselor to discuss your options.
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