The emphasis on experiential learning in the Adelphi University’s strategic plan and the growing practical importance of internships in the student’s collegiate career necessitates a more formal and structured approach to preparing the student for the challenges that lie ahead.

Internship Preparation Seminar (0137-299) is a 1-credit, Pass/Fail course offered in several sessions during the week each semester (you only enroll in one of those sessions). It is designed to achieve better learning and experiential results through a hands-on, interactive approach for students to adequately prepare and qualify for an internship. It is not a competitor to existing departmental/school-sponsored internship courses, but acts as a foundational preparation prior to receiving an internship.

The Career Center definitely helped me build up my résumé. I took an internship preparation seminar that really helped prepare me for my internships. They went over networking and public speaking.

Melissa Emilcar ‘19 BS in Biology

Course Goals and Objectives

The Internship Preparation Seminar will enhance students’ professional and career development through:

  • Learning key and core personal insights through self-assessment, self-reflection and goal setting
  • Compiling and developing a résumé that will get you noticed
  • Writing an important but neglecting document: the cover letter
  • Interviewing skills – poise, confidence, readiness
  • Developing networks of informational and career-related contacts using LinkedIn
  • What to do – and not to do – on the first day of the job: good organizational practices and policies
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Improving your #1 job skill: Written and oral communication; practicing presentational and meeting skills
  • Character attributes such as integrity, ethical conduct, and respect for diversity
  • Recognition of how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life and real work situations

Getting the most out of this seminar:

  • Stay current: stay on top of the materials and class presentations! This seminar involves a great deal of interaction between students and instructor, and a number of hands-on workshops and assignments, so participation will determine in large part your final passing grade
  • Ask questions: – often – and don’t ever assume your question is not worth asking
  • Be open: to new ideas and focused constructive criticism, both from your peers and from the instructor
  • Attend: Any offline and off-site presentations and events. They will directly complement the seminar material and give you practical application and experience.

Since this is a blended course (i.e., some of the sessions may or will be offered online), there should be no reason not to complete all sessions and required assignments.

Course Requirements

Specifically, during this course you will:

  1. complete reading of assigned materials, as well as completion of assigned activities which are all designed for self-assessment and evaluation and career planning. Handouts may be utilized but the material will be available through Moodle and you will be expected to read it in a timely fashion.
  2. participate in class discussions and some group activities. You will be expected to show that you understand the various concepts presented and have developed critical thinking skills.
  3. create, edit and submit on time all assignments to your Moodle account. You will be expected to know how to use MS Word and PowerPoint.
  4. understand the importance of developing a work ethic based on quality, professionalism and integrity. This will be reflected in your class attendance (your on-time ‘performance’ will count!) as well as assignments submitted in a timely manner.
  5. understand the implications of proper ethics and social etiquette in a culturally diverse setting and the environment.

Course Grading

Your performance appraisal will include the quality of responses to questions raised in class, class preparation and participation. Attendance will be taken and will be reflected in your class participation grade. Cooperation, collaboration, contribution, mutual support, encouragement and creativity are important illustrations of your success. All assigned work must be completed. Extra-credit assignment(s) will be available to the entire class.

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