At times, our work is independent. Other times, collaborative. Our University’s strategic plan is the guidepost by which our entire community helps Adelphi achieve its vision for the future. 

To successfully accomplish our Momentum 2 (M2) strategic goals, it is essential that we share a common understanding and communicate our purpose and outcomes with clarity and consistency. Our Momentum 2 overview and guidelines will help.

Below is an overview of Momentum 2’s three goals, 16 initiatives and four themes; concise ways to communicate M2 using consistent terminology and phrases; style guidelines and downloadable M2 assets; and a history of the plan’s development.



  • Signature Portfolio in Arts, Performing Arts and Humanities 
  • Signature Portfolio in the Sciences and Social Sciences 
  • Signature Portfolio in the Professions: Business And Education  
  • Signature Portfolio in Health, Wellness and Social Work Programs 
  • Interdisciplinary Programs and Globalization 
  • Scholarship, Teaching and Creative Work


  • Corporate, Community and Government Relations
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging
  • Connected Community of Alumni, Employees and Students
  • Unrivaled Student Experience
  • Health, Safety and Wellness of our Community


  • Financial and Human Resources Plans
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Fund-Raising Campaign
  • Enrollment Growth and Retention
  • Sustainability
  1. Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  2. Being in service to each other, our students, community, region and society at large
  3. Efforts that are integrative and collaborative
  4. Behaviors of accountability and effectiveness

Effective Communication

Whether you’re crafting a departmental or campuswide email, contemplating your individual annual performance goals, planning a new project with your team, or writing a grant proposal, use this guide to frame it through the lens of Adelphi’s strategic plan.

  • Momentum 2 prioritizes Adelphi’s mission, our people, and our resources.
  • Through our strategic plan, M2, Adelphi University is leaning into opportunity, staying nimble and resourceful and welcoming our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends with openness and a commitment to their success.
  • M2 builds upon the commitments and achievements of Momentum—Adelphi’s strategic plan from 2015 to 2021.
  • M2 aims to deepen Adelphi University’s position as the premier institution of higher education on Long Island, sustain Adelphi’s mission and vision, and continue Adelphi’s history of promoting connection, innovation and transformation.
  • M2 will deepen and strengthen Adelphi’s focus on intellectual rigor, research, creativity, and community engagement to attain Academic Distinction in our Core Four:
    • Arts and humanities
    • STEM and social sciences
    • Business and education professions
    • Health and wellness.
  • Our Inclusive Community is purposeful in creating a safe and welcoming space for individual expression, growth and the pursuit of success, and our Connectivity maximizes our shared values and purpose by embracing and fostering relationships at Adelphi and beyond.
  • As we continue our sound stewardship of University resources and respond to changing demands in higher education, Adelphi’s Smart Growth and Infrastructure will remain aligned with our mission, vision and values. Our institution will operate and grow with efficiency, thoughtfulness and effectiveness.
  • Four Common Themes woven throughout M2 amplify our community’s shared values:
    • advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
    • being in service to each other, our communities and the world
    • working in ways that are integrative and collaborative
    • exemplifying the behaviors of accountability and effectiveness


  • Adelphi University’s current strategic plan under President Christine Riordan is Momentum 2 (M2), a five-year plan set to guide our institution from 2022 to 2027.
  • M2 builds upon Momentumthe Strategic Plan for Adelphi University (2015-2021).


  • Momentum 2 is Adelphi University’s Strategic Plan through 2027.
  • M2 was created over the course of 17 months in 2021 and early 2022.
  • M2 launched in June 2022 once adopted by the Adelphi University Board of Trustees.


  • More than 1,400 students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni participated in crafting our strategic goals via 69 forums, three town halls, email and online feedback.


  • Our three M2 goals are achieved through 16 identified initiatives.
  • Our goals and their respective initiatives are achieved through the implementation of carefully crafted priorities. Across the five-year plan, these priorities are developed annually and executed by Executive Leadership and their teams, and approved by our Board of Trustees.
  • Our priorities are supported by specific action items that will bring them to completion. All action items have corresponding metrics that measure our progress.
  • Progress updates are shared quarterly with the University Board of Trustees and reported annually to the community.
  • Momentum, Momentum 2 and the abbreviated M2 should always be capitalized and italicized.
  • Momentum 2 has a space. M2 does not.
  • In writing, it is okay to abbreviate M2 after the first full reference of Momentum 2.
  • When sharing Momentum 2 achievements on social media, use the hashtag #AdelphiM2.
  • Momentum 2 logos and assets are available for download on this webpage.

Logos, Templates and Assets

Momentum 2 Logos

Powerpoint Presentations

Report Covers

Our Mission Statement

Our University transforms the lives of all students by creating a distinctive environment of intellectual rigor, research, creativity and deep community engagement across four core areas of focus:  arts and humanities, STEM and social sciences, the professions, and health and wellness.

Our Vision

We will become a nationally respected leader—a standard bearer—for redefining the practical and personal value of education for students, helping them define their success in the classroom, on campus, in careers and communities, and beyond.

Our Shared Values

We are guided by six core values that exemplify the type of community we seek to create:

  • Academic excellence
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Global Awareness and Diversity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Truth and Integrity
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