Adelphi offers a variety of field placement opportunities.

Placement to practicum and internship sites is facilitated by the field placement coordinator, Dr. Lisa Haggerty, who, after contacting the students and discussing their interests and previous experiences recommends a school setting for the student to get in touch with.

Opportunities for additional training in school neuropsychological evaluation and individual child and group psychotherapy are available through the program’s partnership with the Bronx Community charter school and the Derner Hempstead Child Clinic. Second year students, while completing a course in the assessment and diagnosis for learning disabilities have an opportunity to conduct school neuropsychological assessment and review the data from other assessments under the supervision of a faculty member. The Hempstead Clinic is a treatment center created by the Derner Institute to provide counseling services to underserved children from the local public schools. Students interested to work at the center are encouraged to apply.

Coordinating Placements

The Adelphi Coordinator arranges the school setting field placements. First year students will apply for practicum placement, which is 280 hours over the course of a full school year Second year students will apply for internship placement, which is 1200 hours over the course of a full school year with some sick days built in. The Adelphi school psychology program collaborates with numerous public schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties with whom relationships have been developed for field placement experience.

The program’s field-placement coordinator facilitates placement of students to school sites and monitors their progress throughout the academic year. Students are not permitted to seek out their own placements. The coordinator takes into consideration location, transportation, handicap accessibility, bilingual supervision, and the needs of the intern when matching them with a school. The school psychologists within these sites will provide direct supervision to the student.

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