The Residence Halls will close for the 2023-2024 Academic Year on Friday, May 17, 2024, at noon.

At least two weeks prior to closing, you will receive notification of closing dates, times and guidelines.

There will be mandatory meetings with RAs about closing requirements. You will also receive information about the dates of hall re-openings. All residents must check out 24 hours after their last final examination or by 12:00 pm on May 17, whichever is first.

Moving Out FAQs

After signing up for a checkout appointment with your RA, you should ensure that all of your belongings have been removed from your room. Your room should be clean and all trash should be disposed of properly.

Once your room is clean, you should turn your keys over to your RA in the form of an express check out form available from your RA or in person with your RA. If you choose to check out in person, please follow the instructions posted in your hall.

You have then been officially checked out of the residence hall.

You have the option of checking out anytime during the day or night (24 hours after your last final examination or by 12:00 pm on Thursday, December 21, 2023) by completing an Express Checkout. To complete an Express Checkout, you must do the following:

  • Pick up an Express Checkout envelope from your Assistant Director or an RA.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Clean your room and dispose of all trash.
  • Place your keys in the Express Checkout envelope and sign the Express Checkout statement on the envelope.
  • Close and lock your room door.
  • Slip the Express Checkout envelope with keys in the designated location (see staff for the location in your hall).

Choosing the Express Checkout option means that you accept responsibility for any damages, missing furniture, excessive cleaning, and other charges as determined by staff of the Office of Residential Life and Housing or the Office of Facilities Management.

You waive your right to appeal any charges that may be assessed to your account when you sign the Express Checkout statement. The University will not hear an appeal for review of damage charges from any student who has signed an Express Checkout statement.

Checkout Checklist

  • Make checkout appointment with your RA or pick up an Express Checkout envelope.
  • Remove all belongings from your room.
  • Remove all posters, tape, etc., from walls.
  • Floors must be swept. (Do not sweep anything into the hallway.)
  • Check your mailbox for any mail.
  • Change your address with all companies and people who send you mail to ensure timely delivery of your mail once you move out of the residence hall.
  • Complete your check out with an RA or complete an Express Checkout envelope.

You will be charged $100 plus the cost of any damages for which you are held liable. You also will be charged for the cost of replacing your keys. Giving your key to a roommate or not following any of the other procedures for checking out is not following the procedure and therefore will be billed as an improper checkout.

If you fail to check out 24 hours after your last final examination or by the appropriate posted deadline, you will be charged $100 per day and subject to the University Conduct Process.

You will be billed for the cost of a lock change if you fail to turn in your keys at closing.

You will be charged a minimum of $25, depending upon the amount of cleaning that is necessary.

Yes. All residents of the room will be responsible for damages unless it is clear who is responsible. You will be billed in the amount of the cost of repair, determined by the Office of Facilities Management, for any damages.

Your Assistant Director will compare the condition of your room when you checked in to its condition when you checked out as listed on your Room Condition form. If there are any changes in the condition of your room the AD will instruct the Office of Facilities Management to repair the damages. You will be charged for the cost of repair as determined by Facilities Management.

Winter Intersession FAQs

There is no charge to remain in the halls during Thanksgiving break and spring break. However, if you intend to stay for Winter Intersession you will need to apply for Winter Housing and be confirmed by the Office of Residential Life and Housing. There is a daily fee for remaining in the residence halls during the Winter Intersession.

You are required to check out of the residence halls 24 hours after your last final examination or by 12:00 pm on the day halls close, whichever is first.

While you are not required to remove all of your belongings from your room during the winter closing, you are strongly encouraged to take all valuables with you when you leave. The University is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. You should also remember to take all belongings that you may need while you are away, since you will not be permitted to re-enter the building after you have checked out.

Residents must also unplug all appliances and close and lock all windows and doors. Once you have done this, you should present your keys to your RA. Handing in your keys does not absolve you from the responsibilities outlined in your Residence Hall Agreement, which is binding for the period of one academic year. Failure to properly check out during winter closing may result in disciplinary action and/or improper checkout fees.

Winter Closing Check List

  • Make an appointment with your RA to check out at least 24 hours in.
  • Take all valuables and items you will need during the closing.
  • Remove all garbage.
  • Unplug all appliances and defrost your refrigerator.
  • Turn off heat/AC.
  • Present your keys to your RA at checkout time or complete an Express Checkout envelope/form (please see the following section for information on the Express Checkout option).

Summer Session FAQs

Yes. Summer housing applications are available at the Office of Residential Life and Housing during April. If you are interested in summer housing, you should submit an application on your eCampus Housing Portal using the Summer Housing application link, and make appropriate payment to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Summer housing is available for students attending summer classes, students working on campus, and international students who cannot travel home. Approval of summer application is subject to verification of eligibility.

As summer is a time when the residence halls are repaired, we must, at times, request summer residents to move to another room to allow for repairs. During these repairs, students may experience minor inconveniences.

No. There is no available space for residents to store their belongings on campus during the summer. Any belongings left in rooms at the end of the academic year will be considered abandoned property and removed at the expense of the resident. This may result in several fines.

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