The Global Spirituality and Activism Certificate nurtures the spark of belonging in each person that, when activated, serves as a catalyst for building a more just world.

Grounded in the values of compassion, love, wisdom, and empathy that together illuminate sacred and secular visions of a better world, this program offers students a community of mentors and peers that sits, shares, and works together to create positive change.

Completed with a cohort of student peers, this program invites students to develop a more holistic, intentional way of being in connection with others and the broader world. Within a community-based framework of contemplation, reflection, and activism, students will begin a process of transformation extending to individual, communal and systemic healing.

This certificate program is sponsored by the Interfaith Center and the Center for Student and Community Engagement.


As a result of participating in the Global Spirituality and Activism Leadership Certificate, you will:

  • Self-report increased mindfulness and attentiveness to the nature of their thoughts, biases, emotional, and spiritual ways of being. 
  • Self-report an increase in awareness and connection to self, both individually and in relationship with others
  • Engagement and reflection with our community with active compassion and contemplative practices.
  • Identify strategies to engage in social change that integrate contemplation, collaboration, community. 
  • Participate in strategic action to influence policies and systemic change.
  • Describe from experience how Spirituality and Activism intersect and complement each other.

Applications were accepted through September 21, 2021.

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