Create engaging content using Adelphi University's tone and voice.

Every communication from Adelphi should be personal, direct, warm and engaging. Avoid jargon.

Instead of…
Use This:
  • Students participate in experiential learning by working in conjunction with Adelphi professors to further engage them in their course of study.
  • Adelphi anthropology students traveled to a dig site in Utah, where, alongside their professors, they searched for bones of dinosaurs.

Using Formal vs. Informal Writing

You may adopt a more formal tone when creating invitations, certificates or letters. However, these messages can still be personal and direct.

Instead of…
Use This:
  • It is with deepest appreciation that we commemorate your years of service and present you with this service award.
  • We are deeply grateful for your years of dedicated service to our university. Adelphi is a better place because of you.

Think about your audience.

  • News stories should sound engaging and exciting.
  • Thank-you notes should be sincere and personal.
  • Announcements of events should be upbeat and engaging.

Write persuasively.

  • Find details to make your message more readable.
  • Make your point shine through clearly by avoiding unnecessary words and clauses.
  • Write person-to-person rather than business-to-business.

Use correct language so as not to offend your reader.

We are an inclusive school that respects and honors different religions, abilities, preferences and backgrounds. Take extra care to get your language correct when referring to individuals of various ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, religions and sexual and gender preferences by following our Guide to Inclusive Language or referring to applicable entries within our style guide.

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