This is your personal guide for creating communications for Adelphi University.

Many people will be writing about and for Adelphi University, and this guide should help us all share the same tone, style and vision for our messaging.

Emphasize Our Name

Feature the words Adelphi University prominently in your headline, announcement or poster. This is an important part of any written or video message going forward.

Instead of… Use…
Psychology Conference on Veterans Mental Health Adelphi University Psychology Conference on Veterans Mental Health

Be a Storyteller

Because we have a personalized approach to learning, our message should share stories about our students, our faculty and the lives we touch. When possible, think of your news story as a personal story.

Instead of… Use…
The TEDxAdelphiUniversity event was filled to capacity at 500 seats and was watched on live feed by 150 users. In a life-changing day of ideas and dialogue, TEDxAdelphiUniversity speakers inspired a sold-out 500-seat crowd, and TEDx fans from all over the nation watched the live feed.

Make it Personal by Using “You”

Speak directly—and engage your reader—by simply using the word “you” whenever you can.

Instead of… Use…
Many different educational options can be found at Adelphi to accommodate various learning styles. How do you learn best? At Adelphi, you will find a program that helps you succeed.

Write to the Person Who is Reading Your Message

If you are writing to an alumnus, make your message personal but professional. If you are writing to high school seniors, write in a way that appeals to teens.

Instead of… Use…
A combined initiative by the Office of Residential Life and Housing and the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, this program gives students academic coursework within a residential setting and fosters a heightened connection to community. With this new living-learning opportunity, you can take some classes right in your residence hall alongside your roommates and friends.

Be Mindful of Your Grammar

Because your project reflects our University, please use correct grammar and avoid common mistakes.

Instead of… Use…
“Me and him will be there.”
“I hopefully will see you soon.”
“He and I will be there.”
“I hope to see you soon.”
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