The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is passionately committed to encouraging the growth and well-being of student-athletes and programs that are consistent with the larger University brand.

While giving a nod to the heritage and history of the Athletics department we have reimagined the brand to reflect the modern university that Adelphi continues to become. Aligning the athletics identity with the larger university results in a cohesive look that strengthens our public identity and brand awareness.

If you have any additional questions please refer to our frequently asked questions or contact Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Primary Athletics Logo

The University Athletics wordmark is the essential asset to be used in order to bring “Adelphi” front and center on all assets and materials produced for and within the Athletics department. The wordmark should never be altered outside of the following guidelines.

The Adelphi University Athletics wordmark can be reproduced in the provided colorways—three variations for each background of gold, black and white. The reproduction of this logo in color should always be limited to these provided options. One-color black or white options are also available.

Athletics Primary Logo

Panther Logo Mark

The University Athletics Panther logo can be used as a secondary element on apparel and merchandise as long as the University Athletics wordmark also appears in another location on the material.

The University Athletics Panther logo can be reproduced in the provided colorways—three variations for each background of gold, black and white. The reproduction of this logo in color should always be limited to the options provided. One-color and black or white options are also available.

The only exception to the Panther logo being used alone would be on an official Athletics uniform in which another piece of the uniform displays the wordmark.

Panther Mark


Panther Wordmark

The University athletics wordmark and Panther logo were created to be utilized as strong individual elements. The wordmark and Panther lockup is available for situations where two imprint areas are not possible and the Panther mark is desired.

A two-color option, as well as, one-color and black or white options are available.

Panther Wordmark

The following two versions of the Panther wordmark are preferred for use on merchandise that is developed and distributed to parties outside of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Vendors can access these logo files through Learfield.


The University lettermark was created for use where placing the entire wordmark is not possible, such as the small space allotted for social media profile photos. The mark can be surrounded by a gold, brown or black background or set over a pattern or photo that is specific to the department using it.

Additionally, the University lettermark can be used as a design element on materials as long as the primary wordmark is displayed on the same piece.

There are two exceptions to the lettermark being used alone—on internal signage in an Athletics setting, such as in the center of the field or court and on official athletics uniform in which another piece of the uniform displays the wordmark.

AU Lettermark

Pride Logos

Adelphi University Pride Logo

Adelphi Pride Logo

Panther Pride Logo

Team and Department Logo Lockups

The University Athletics team lockups are available for apparel produced for members of the Athletics Department. They can be reproduced in two-color and black or white.

Alternatively, the athletics wordmark team lockup can be reproduced in the available colorways of the wordmark as long as the team name is reproduced in the same color as the exterior outline of the wordmark. Please contact University Communications and Marketing to request these additional colorway options for the athletics wordmark lockups.

The Athletics lettermark team lockup is available in a two-color option and one-color option.


Athletics Numbers

Athletics numbers are available in the same colorways as the Adelphi Athletics wordmark as well as in a one-color option. The assets are provided in Pantone spot color.

Athletics Numbers

Athletic Logo FAQs

The design and identity assets are essential elements in aligning all materials produced throughout the Athletics department. Proper use of our logos, colors and style guide will help to ensure a consistent identity for the varied audiences that produce and receive materials.

Logos and school lockups are available for download. For specific office or department lockups, please contact the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

To request a specific office or department lockup, please contact the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Athletic department and specific team lockups are available for download.

Below is a full list of each, along with a brief explanation of their practical use:


  • .PNG is the best format to upload to the web or mobile apps; basically anything with a digital display. It has a transparent background, so it will lay nicely on top of any background you put it on. It is a pixel-based format, which means that enlarging causes the quality to suffer.
  • .PDF is an editable vector format which can be universally viewed on any computer with Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer.

Color Modes:

  • CMYK should be used for full-color print projects. It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black), which are the ink colors used in full-color standard printers.
  • RGB should be used on any digital display. It stands for Red, Green and Blue, which are the colors used to create color variations on screens.

We’ve compiled a variety of tips and best practices for taking photos which help us tell vibrant stories through photography.

All photographed subjects must either sign an on-camera release (PDF), or, if photographing a public event, a general notice (PDF) needs to be posted at the event entrance.

No, you should not attempt to create your own logo. University Communications and Marketing can assist with creating correct sub-brand logos for certain departments or initiatives. 

We have a limited number of licenses available for our typefaces. Arial should be substituted when other fonts are not available on your computer.

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