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Green IT Initiatives

IT Goes Green, Adelphi University Long Island New York collegeTechnology is the perfect facilitator for conserving resources and reducing energy use. The Office of Information Technology has identified several best practices that support Adelphi University’s mission to “go green” including:

  • Remote Shut-Down of Lab Computers
  • Energy-Efficient Monitors
  • Reduction of Paper Use
  • Conversion to Energy-Efficient Servers
  • Transition to Virtualization Software
  • Consolidation of Storage
  • Installation of Energy-Saving Equipment
  • Energy-Efficient Transportation

Remote Shut-Down of Lab Computers
Instead of leaving computers in the labs on or in sleep mode during the night, Adelphi IT uses Centurion Technologies software to shut down more than 750 of Adelphi's computers in Garden City and the Manhattan Center. Computers in classroom labs are scheduled to shut down one hour after the last class ends. Computers in the libraries, University Center Underground Café, and other campus common areas are shut down when those facilities close for the night. Those computers are controlled remotely by software, and the shut-down schedules are easily edited when class or facility schedules change.

Energy-Efficient Monitors
Throughout campus offices and labs, as older CRT monitors have met retirement age they have been replaced with energy-efficient flat panel LCD screens. LCD monitors use one-half to two-thirds of the energy, plus they are easier on your eyes.

Reduction of Paper Use
The Printer Management Program has been very successful in curbing the rampant overuse of printing resources; gone are the abandoned mounds of waste paper that piled up in computer labs. Working closely with the Student Government Association, a program was implemented that allots students 500 free pages per semester; students can add money into their accounts as needed for additional resources. This system encourages students to think before they print. Further improvements to this system are currently being pursued.

Conversion to Energy-Efficient Servers
The University had 60 standalone servers that consumed a great deal of electricity and taxed cooling resources. By converting to IBM blade servers, the University will have realized significant energy savings.

Transition to Virtualization Software
The phased-in transition to VMware’s ESX virtualization software will continue to improve system utilization and reduce overhead. Virtualization decreases planned and unplanned downtime for improved business continuity, gives the ability to run fewer servers as needed, and allows administrators to dynamically power down unused servers to reduce energy costs.

Consolidation of Storage
By creating a centralized storage area network (SAN), Adelphi IT has reduced its overall hardware footprint.

Installation of Energy-Saving Equipment

A new cooling system among our technology equipment has cut energy consumption and provides the ability to rotate equipment, thus conserving hardware usage as well.

Energy-Efficient Transportation
Adelphi IT uses electric-powered vehicles to transport computers and other equipment throughout the campus. Several information technology staff members have purchased hybrid cars for their personal use.

Green IT in the News

ComputerWorld Magazine Greent IT AwardsAdelphi Wins Prestigious Award by Computerworld for Excellence in Green Information Technology

Adelphi University was recognized as a 2008 top honoree by IDG’s Computerworld in its inaugural “Best Practices in Green IT” Awards Program, which identifies and acknowledges excellence among early adopters and industry leaders in the green information technology (IT) movement.

Adelphi received its impressive distinction in the “Reducing IT Complexity Increases Green IT” category, and was selected from among a field of strong finalists that included Dell, Sprint Nextel, University of California Irvine, and Infosys Technologies.

For more information, read the Press Release.


EdTechMagazine feature on Adelphi University Information Technology

Adelphi's energy-saving efforts have been featured in EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education.
Read the article online, or download the PDF (516 KB)

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