The Facilities Management Department is in charge of maintaining the Adelphi University Garden City campus.

The department supports Adelphi’s green initiatives by providing:

  • sustainable repair and maintenance practices on campus buildings
  • an energy management program designed to conserve and promote the cost effective use of energy
  • custodial and grounds care using environmentally-friendly products
  • project design, estimations, and facilities remodeling

Repair Services

Members of the campus community can request repair services or get more information on current and future projects.

Pesticide-Free Grounds

Adelphi uses only 100% natural, organic techniques to maintain the flora on our beautiful campus.

Our grounds staff who maintain our arboretum are employing the following techniques:

  • elimination of all petroleum-based chemical fertilizers;
  • utilization of organic fertilizers that are fish and seaweed-based natural nutrients;
  • elimination of all chemical herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides;
  • utilization of natural pest management methods, such as the use of organic oils and soaps; and
  • enrichment of microbes in the soil, an organic process which rehabilitates the soil biology and results in a natural soil aeration process. Once the soil is rehabilitated, we will be able to decrease watering from every day to twice a week.

In addition, the conversion of Motamed Field to an artificial turf surface no longer requires our dependence on “quick fix” chemical solutions to maintain the field of play.

Green Seal Products

Located in Washington, D.C., Green Seal, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving a healthier environment. Green Seal works in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and promotes products that meet environmentally responsible criteria.

At Adelphi, we have made an effort to protect the environment on a daily basis and incorporate the protection of the environment into our lives by using only Green Seal Certified® products. These products are recycled from waste paper, newspapers, and magazines, have had the contaminants removed, and are safe for you and the environment.

The Facilities Department is also working in close conjunction with the Purchasing Department to ensure that the University uses “green” products wherever possible. Housekeeping switched to all environmentally friendly cleaning and paper products in 2005.

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