Today, at Adelphi, we breathe and celebrate fresh air. And our Fresh Air campaign highlights the many initiatives that will significantly improve our environment, add to our extensive sustainability efforts and continue our focus on bettering the health and wellness of our community.

Fresh Air Campus

In support of Adelphi’s commitment to providing a healthy school and work environment for all, smoking (including cigars, e-cigarettes, hookah pens, e-hookahs, vaping pens, vape pipes, as well as any and all similar products) on the Garden City campus is permitted only at five designated, clearly marked sites. No smoking is allowed while traveling on walkways or traveling to or from sites where smoking is permitted.

Current designated smoking areas

  1. Northeast corner of Levermore
  2. Northeast corner of the University Center
  3. Northeast side of Post Hall
  4. South side of Swirbul Library
  5. Southwest corner of Angello Alumni House

Plug in and take charge

18 Charging Stations on Campus: Where They Are

We have 18 EV charging stations currently on campus—12 in the Motamed Field garage and 6 are in the Nexus Building garage. The Motamed stations are on the Chargepoint network, and the Nexus are EV Connect.

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