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Adelphi Goes Green

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A leader in the field of energy conservation and recycling, Adelphi University teaches by example. The University is in the forefront of developing programs and policies that will ensure an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient environment. The University is committed to:

Almost a decade ago, Adelphi became the only higher education institution in the region to install a geothermal heating and cooling system that decreased New Hall’s dependence on electricity by an estimated 30% over the last three years. We continue to search for new ways to improve energy efficiency and to use products that are beneficial to us and to the environment.

In 2006, Adelphi was inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency for compliance with all regulations dealing with health, environment and disposal of hazardous waste. Adelphi was the only educational institution in the region to pass this inspection without any fines or penalties.

In November 2006, Adelphi began relying 100% on natural, organic techniques to maintain the flora around campus.

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The University is proud of its efforts to green our campus and endeavors to continue to set the standard for others to follow.

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