Please see below for the Summer 2024 tuition rates.

Students taking a course held in summer session 1 (May 29 – June 3) or in summer session 2 (July 8 – August 11) will be charged a $125 registration fee and a $160 technology fee for each respective summer session.  Students taking a course spanning the entire summer semester (May 29 – August 11) will be charged one $125 registration fee, in addition to a $160 technology fee for summer session 1 and a $160 technology fee for summer session 2.  Additional fees and charges for specific courses, as detailed in the class schedule, also may be assessed.

Starting April 15th, students will receive their summer semester bill, which must be paid in full by May 21st. Billing will then occur every 21 days, with payment due on the 21st of each month. Please note that past due balances may result in late payment fees, late registration fees, and could affect your University housing status. Additionally, account balances can hinder the ability to receive a diploma.

Undergraduate Summer Session Rates

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
All Programs $1,195
Exceptions Per Credit Flat Rate
New Seminary Program $650
Emergency Services Administration (AS & BA) (fully online) $830
Social Sciences (BA) (fully online) $580
Nursing Accelerated (BS) – Summer 2023 Start Date $23,450 per semester
Nursing Accelerated (BS) – Summer 2024 Start Date $24,385 per semester

Graduate Summer Session Rates

College of Arts and Sciences

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
All Programs $1,490

Derner School of Psychology

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
All Master and Certificate Programs $1,490
All Doctoral Programs $1,655

College of Nursing and Public Health

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
Public Health (MPH) $1,455
Health Informatics (fully online) $950
Nutrition (fully online) $785
All Doctoral Programs

Northwell / NYU Discount



All Other Programs

Northwell / NYU Discount



College of Professional and Continuing Studies

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
Emergency Management (MS) $830
Emergenct Management (Graduate Certificate) $830

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
All Programs $1,490

School of Social Work

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
Low-Residency MSW $935
All Graduate Programs $1,295
Doctoral Programs $1,575

College of Education and Health Sciences

Programs Per Credit Flat Rate
Community Health Promotion (MA) $1,570
Sport Management (MS) $950
Manhattan Programs $1,120
Art Education (MA) (fully online) $825
Educational Technology (MS) (fully online) $825
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MS) $17,640
All Doctoral Programs $1,660
All Other Programs $1,570


Registered for Summer Classes? Need Financial Aid?

You may be able to receive summer financial aid! It’s important to understand how summer financial aid will impact your award levels in the following fall and spring semesters, as there are limits to the amounts students can receive in one academic year. Our financial aid representatives are here to speak with you should you have questions about your eligibility for summer aid or financial decision-making.

Summer Aid Information

For more information about the different types of summer financial aid and how to apply visit:

The One-Stop Student Services Center is available to assist with any financial aid and/or billing questions. Helpful information can be found on our Financial Aid website or you can contact us directly to go over your questions.

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about summer opportunities at Adelphi, please reach out to us and someone on our team will be happy to help!
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