Summer Classes & Programs at Adelphi

Summer Classes & Programs at Adelphi

Jump into the Adelphi learning experience this summer. Choose from more than 200 undergraduate and graduate online, hybrid, and in-person courses to help you get ahead, catch up or learn new skills.

College Students: Make Summer Count

Find out how you can catch up—or get ahead—with a summer college class.

A Smart Summer Investment

Adelphi has over 200 summer courses to choose from, with nearly half of those course options online. Our flexibility of course options and competitive tuition rates make summer at Adelphi the perfect place for current, prospective and visiting students to stay on track, catch up on classes or dive into new areas of interest.

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Benefits of Summer Classes

  • Small Classes with Top Faculty
  • Exceptional Student Support
  • Accessible and Flexible
  • Personalize Your Schedule to Match Your Interests

Summer 2024 Registration is Now Open!

Summer 2024 registration is now open for continuing Adelphi University students, visiting students, class of 2024 high school graduates, and high school students.

Session I: May 29 – July 3, 2024 (the last day to add a course for Session I is June 3, 2024)

Want to get a head start on the fall semester? Need to catch up on a course you missed? Visiting and interested in trying out an Adelphi class? Consider Adelphi Summer Session I. You can fulfill degree requirements from the comfort of home, take courses of interest outside your major; start a double major or a minor—or just focus on courses that may be more difficult during the regular semester.

Session II: July 8 – August 11, 2024 - (the last day to add a course for Session II is July 11, 2024)

Session II, like Session I, will offer a variety of online, hybrid, and in-person classes, helping you to fulfill degree requirements, take courses outside your major; take on a double major or a minor—or concentrate on courses that may be more difficult.

Need A Different Schedule? Consider Alternative Summer Session

Session I and Session II are not the only summer options. Adelphi also offers courses that meet outside of those set dates. These courses are offered at various times spanning May through August, and may be offered as condensed courses.

Learning Opportunities

IBM Data Science and Design Thinking

Build your tech skills with IBM. You’ll be taught by Adelphi University experts — and become IBM credentialed.

High School Students

Find options for students entering grades 9-12 in a variety of fields. Starting Adelphi in Fall? Get a head start with our summer programs.

Adult Learners

Give yourself an edge with one of our short courses for professional development. Or, sit in on nearly any regular course at Adelphi—without the pressure of grades—for a reduced fee.

Bridges to Adelphi Launch Program

Students starting Adelphi in fall that are enrolled in the Bridges to Adelphi Program have the amazing opportunity to take a course during the summer and get a glimpse into what college life is like. You’ll learn skills you need to smooth the way for college, and learn what it means to be college-ready.

Jaggar Community Fellows Program

The Jaggar Community Fellows Program is a competitive, and often life-changing, paid summer internship for nongraduating students (first-year through graduate students).

The program is open to all majors and provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the nonprofit sector.

Learning Resources Summer Program

The Learning Resource Program is dedicated to helping students with language-based learning disabilities and/or ADHD achieve their academic and personal goals.

Students enrolled at Adelphi and the Learning Resource Program can kick-start their fall college experience by participating in our summer program.

For Younger Students

Exploring summer camps? Looking for a specialized course? Adelphi has plenty of options for elementary, middle or high school students, keeping them active and engaged this summer.

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about summer opportunities at Adelphi, please reach out to us and someone on our team will be happy to help!
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