You will need to take two courses to complete your  first year of Adelphi’s core courses (PATH) curriculum:

  •  A First-Year Seminar class of your choosing
  • The Art and Craft of Writing course
When you meet with your advisor, they will help you schedule both of these requirements, along with your other courses.

The First-Year Seminar

These dynamic seminar-style classes, Adelphi faculty will introduce you to important topics and issues of the day. Choose a course that sparks your interest. Then, engage in discussions, share insights, and deliver presentations based on the ideas you cultivate.

To enrich your experience, you can attend campus events, or travel into culturally-rich New York City. All the while, you’ll be learning how your life as an Adelphi student connects you to the world, your community, and your future.

Each First-Year Seminar is assigned an experienced Adelphi student (your Peer Assistant Leader, or “PAL”) who will be there to answer your questions and share advice about how to get the most out of your time at Adelphi.

First-Year Seminar is required for all students except for students enrolled in Adelphi PlusLevermore Global Scholars Program and the Honors College. If you are in one of these programs, you will have different First Year requirements; please check with your advisor.

The Art and Craft of Writing

Success in college relies heavily on a strong command of writing.  Beyond college, writing is crucial in professional scenarios like crafting resumes and business correspondence, preparing speeches, and contributing to creative endeavors.

Writing also fosters critical thinking and problem-solving by prompting analysis, leading to persuasive arguments and engagement with diverse perspectives.

In summary, this three credit course enhances your ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and thrive academically and professionally.

Choose Your First-Year Seminar Course

You’ll find descriptions of classes designed by faculty around campus on a whole range of topics.

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