Be proud, empowered and you!

In this program, you will examine the long and rich history of social justice in the LGBTQ+ community. Topics include policies and politics related to issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and important figures in the LGBTQ+ rights movement such as Harvey Milk and Laverne Cox. You will also be empowered with confidence and leadership skills to realize your full potential through community building and self-expression. You will:

  • Foster learning and affirm your sense of identity, community, and collaboration.
  • Consider social justice issues facing people who are LGBTQ+ in the United States and how we can build a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  • Work with a network of peers to make your space is a SafeZone for yourself and others.
  • Visit Greenwich Village in New York City, the site of the Stonewall Riots and the cradle of the modern worldwide LGBTQ+ rights movement.

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