Adelphi’s Summer Pre-College Program will take place July 9-29, 2023. Please check back in January 2023 for application details.

Courses for College Credit

All 2023 credit-bearing course options will take place on Adelphi’s Garden City campus from July 9-July 29, 2023.

Art and Digital Production

In this course, you will use the campus as a classroom, exploring the intersections of fine art and technology.

Business and Society

In this course, the issues of work, starting a business, and the parameters for success in business life are explored. Students are introduced to the major functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, production, operations, marketing, human resources, and information/technology.

Communications and Media

In this course, students will understand how emerging technologies are shaping and transforming everyday life. This course explores interpersonal, organizational, public and cultural communications, and provides you with the necessary tools to think critically and express yourself clearly.

Computer Science and Coding

In this course, students will be introduced to and learn how to code computer programs by applying the concepts of: data types, variables, functions, conditionals and loops. Students will use code to explore and analyze structured data.

Introduction to Health Sciences

During this intensive in the sciences and medicine, you will engage in high-impact learning, participate in hands-on classes and lab experiences, and discover what it takes to pursue a career in the sciences, medicine, and health.

Introduction to Nursing

A glimpse into Nursing education, you will learn about the profession of Nursing and the various roles of a Registered Nurse.

Psychology and Pop Culture

In this course, you will analyze issues of social psychology, cross-cultural communication, creativity, identity development, and mental health in numerous domains of popular culture.

Social Work and Society

In this program option, you will gain a deep understanding of contemporary social issues and social work’s multiple career pathways

Teaching and Teacher Education

Learn about the historical, cultural and philosophical foundations of the American education system as you consider your own beliefs and values about teaching, learning and schooling.

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