Adelphi University is continually engaged in international learning and has a strong tradition of promoting international collaboration and peace.

Adelphi University’s founder and first president, Charles Levermore mobilized support for the League of Nations and was awarded the American Peace Award in 1924. Today, Adelphi continues its commitment to global engagement.  That’s why our faculty conduct research worldwide, why we welcome international students from around the world, and why we strive to provide Adelphi students with an array of skills and experiences critical to developing globally informed graduates.

International Leadership Coordinating Committee

The committee coordinates activities with all of the elements at Adelphi working to actualize the University goal of increased relevance in a changing world.

Map of AU Faculty Global Reach

Adelphi faculty have vibrant international connections around the world and we’ve created an interactive map to show you where! Click on the red pins to see where AU faculty is engaged internationally; then click on the faculty member’s name for their full faculty profile and more information about their international engagement.

United Nations

Adelphi has joined more than 1,500 not-for-profit organizations worldwide working with the United Nations to raise awareness of pressing global issues.

International Education Week

Each year, the U.S. Department of State sponsors International Education Week. During this week, Adelphi organizes events to increase awareness of global initiatives.

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