Adelphi’s LGBTQ+ Task Force further supports the inclusion and acceptance of students, faculty, and staff who identify as LGBTQ+.

Using the Campus Pride Index assessment tool to identify areas of growth, new initiatives and new programs to accomplish this mission, the LGBTQ+ Task Force’s ultimate goal is for Adelphi University to be an authentically inclusive campus for all members of the LGBTQ+ community as evidenced by a 5-star rating on the Campus Pride Index.

Goals for 2020-2021

  • Found an on-campus affinity space and/or resource center/office with responsibilities for LGBTQ+ students that actively addresses LGBTQ+ issues and concerns with a visible representation of LGBTQ+ resources in the office space
  • Raise $25,000 for an endowed scholarship fund to support LGBTQ+ students

The LGBTQ+ Task Force welcomes new members each semester. If interested in joining the LGBTQ+ Task Force, please contact Adam Visconti for more information.

Achieved Goals

  • Established annual specific awareness and educational programs for LGBTQ+ students on healthy same-sex relationships
  • Created ongoing specific training for students and staff to identify at-risk students inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals for depression, suicide, and mental health issues
  • Created empowerment groups specifically for trans and gender non-conforming students and queer people of color in addition to the LGBTQ+ Empowerment Group and LGBTQA+ First-Year Experience Cohort
  • Created a process for transgender students who have not legally changed their names the ability to have the name they go by on their ID cards
  • Created a process for transgender employees who have not legally changed their names the ability to have the name they go by on their ID cards, electronic and print directory listings, and email name
  • Established emergency funds or resources to help LGBTQ+ students who are “outed” or come out to their parents/families and then lose financial support to be able to stay enrolled for the semester/year
  • Created a Diversity and Inclusion tile on AU2GO that features LGBTQ+ resources
  • Founded an LGBTQ+ and Allies Alumni Affinity Group
  • Created programs that actively seek to retain LGBTQ+ students, similar to other targeted populations (e.g. students of color, women in engineering, athletes, international students)



  • Created a specific college admissions brochure and website that highlights LGBTQ+ programs and services
  • Formed a process to offer direct, readily-accessible FAFSA assistance specifically for LGBTQ+ students who need a “dependency override” (due to abusive, neglectful or absent parents) to assist the students with the FAFSA process
  • Updated the printable All-Gender Restroom Map
  • Added the All-Gender Restrooms to the interactive map
  • Worked with IT to add All-Gender Restrooms to AU2GO


  • Created an accessible, simple process for students to change their name on University records
  • Created an accessible, simple process for students to change their gender identity on University records
  • Created an optional process allow students to have the option to self-identify their sexual orientation on University records
  • Developed LGBTQ-friendly employment information for internships, career services, and job opportunities for students
  • Expanded Gender Inclusive Housing to three residence halls on campus
  • Provided a way for students to match themselves with LGBTQ-friendly roommates
  • Formed LGBTQ+ mentoring groups through the University Mentoring Program to welcome and assist LGBTQ+ students in transitioning to academic and college life
  • Provided Safe Zone training for specific groups including Admissions Counselors and Staff
  • Clarified that Adelphi University student health insurance covers hormone replacement therapy
  • Instituted an annual Lavender and Multicultural Graduation Ceremony
  • Formed an LGBTQ+ counseling/support group
  • Established three new all gender restrooms with showers in three residence halls on campus
  • Instituted a policy requiring at least one gender-inclusive restroom (defined as restrooms not segregated into men’s and women’s spaces and welcoming to students who identify outside of the gender binary) in all newly constructed or significantly renovated buildings (similar to the legal standard under ADA accessibility)



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