Housekeeping teams will clean and sanitize campus buildings, rooms, common areas, high-touch surfaces, offices and workspaces based on CDC and New York State Department of Health guidelines, as well as Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) protocols.

Facilities Management will also maintain hand-sanitizer stations at major building entrances, elevator stops and high-traffic areas. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and monitoring systems will be assessed and readied prior to reopening of buildings.

Building occupants are also encouraged to wipe down commonly used surfaces before and after use with products that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19 and are appropriate for the surface, which will be available throughout campus. This includes any shared-space location or equipment (e.g. copiers, printers, computers, A/V and other electrical equipment, coffee makers, desks and tables, light switches, door knobs, etc.).

All Adelphi equipment (e.g., monitors, printers) must be thoroughly sanitized when initially returning these items to the office. Additionally, sanitizing laptops, cell phones, telephone headsets, and any other personal devices is recommended before entering Adelphi facilities each day. Avoid using other employees’ phones, desks, keyboards, cubicles, or offices.

Read the cleaning and sanitizing protocols of Adelphi’s Facilities Housekeeping and Custodial Services for all campus buildings, rooms, offices, common areas, and high-touch surfaces.

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