The health, wellness and safety of our students, faculty, staff are our highest priority.

All students, faculty, staff and campus visitors at all Adelphi campus locations are required to follow the University’s health and safety protocols and policies on:

  • Hygiene and handwashing
  • Staying home when sick
  • Respecting the health, wellbeing and personal experiences of other community members
  • All established vaccine protocols and requirements


Effective July 19, 2022, masking is optional at Adelphi. We strongly encourage the continued use of a mask in crowded environments, especially indoors – whether you are on or off campus.

As they evolve, we will continue to follow the CDC recommendations for wearing masks.

Please continue carrying an acceptable face covering with you – in case you are asked to wear one. We appreciate your support of individual choice and comfort regarding the use of masks.

  1. Stay home. Do not go to work, class, or visit with people if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive.
  2. Follow up with your physician in cases of severe illness or if you are at high risk for severe illness.
  3. Alert University Health Services and get guidance on your next steps for returning to work/class. Call 516.877.6000 or email
  4. Faculty and Staff should also inform their manager and arrange for time off due to illness.
  5. The Department of Health requires quarantine and isolation rooted in the recommendations of the CDC.
  6. Resident students who cannot return home to recover may need on-campus quarantine and isolation.

If you can return home for the duration of your quarantine or isolation, we recommend that you do. If you cannot, resident students have the option of on-campus quarantine and isolation.

  • University Health Services will take appropriate steps to communicate with at-risk individuals per all public health requirements and best practices.
  • Individuals who test positive should not return to work/class until they are cleared to do so by their physician and Health Services. They may be required to follow Department of Health requirements for quarantine and isolation.
  • Students should be advised of alternative ways to make up coursework or participate in class.

Some individuals may be at increased risk of severe illness.

If you are in a vulnerable category, please consult with your healthcare provider. Documentation may need to be submitted to Health Services and/or Human Resources to be provided reasonable accommodations. These are reviewed and addressed on an individual basis.

Yes. All in-person meetings and events can be planned and attended without restriction. Events that are held off-site must abide by any additional requirements of the venue. Please note that we continue to encourage virtual gatherings using Zoom, Google Meet and other appropriate platforms which have become a safe and widely accepted means for collaborating.

Yes, the Adelphi campus is open to visitors.

You may contact the Health Services Center at 516.877.6000 or

If you have questions or concerns about Adelphi’s Public Health policies, please email or call Adelphi’s COVID-19 hotline at 516.877.3012.

If you have different questions or concerns, please call Public Safety at 516.877.3500 or email the Office of Community Concerns and Resolution at

Preventative Public Health Measures at Adelphi

The University maintains a robust cleaning schedule and follows Department of Health protocols to disinfect Adelphi locations impacted by a confirmed positive COVID-19 case. Read the cleaning and disinfecting protocols of Adelphi Housekeeping and Custodial Services.

In 2020 the University upgraded all filters to MERV 13 minimum and added supplemental microbial filtration systems and HEPA units, consistent with best practices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Additionally, Adelphi complies with the New York Health and Essential Rights Act (HERO ACT) which requires employers to implement workplace safety plans in the event of airborne infectious disease and mandates extensive health and safety protections for employees. You can read our Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan online.

We continue to perform contact tracing at the University level and support the Department of Health’s efforts to contact trace COVID-19 exposures and positive cases that occur (or are reported) among our Adelphi on-campus community.

You can see COVID-19 data for our area via the CDC COVID data tracker.

Student Guidance

The usual absence policies and procedures apply to all classes and programs. If illness, quarantine or isolation prevent you from participating in class or completing assignments, you must notify your instructor(s) via email as soon as possible to develop an alternative plan for meeting your course requirements.

Read more about when quarantine and isolation are required. For questions, contact Health Services by phone at 516.877.6003 or by email at

Each of our professional programs that offer or require internships, clinical or field placement work has worked with our partner and accrediting organizations and New York state to identify safe, approved placement locations and activities to ensure that students can achieve their needed hours and credentials. For specifics about your program requirements and options, please contact your Dean’s Office directly.

No. As Adelphi has returned to pre-COVID course modalities, you must enroll in a full course of in-person study to maintain valid status. If you have questions, contact International Services, see our International Services portal or contact your designated school official (DSO).

Yes, the Adelphi campus is open to visitors. Please see our Residential Life and Housing FAQs for guidelines about visitors in your residence hall.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Yes, unless you have a University-approved medical or religious exemption.

To be considered fully vaccinated at Adelphi, an individual must provide proof of having completed all doses of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-authorized or World Health Organization (WHO)-listed COVID-19 vaccine and at least one booster shot. The University does not require a second booster dose at this time.

See the University’s student immunization policy.

Adelphi faculty members and staff are required to be fully vaccinated or submit weekly COVID-19 tests. At-home tests satisfy this requirement.

To be considered fully vaccinated at Adelphi, an individual must provide proof of having completed all doses of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-authorized or World Health Organization (WHO)-listed COVID-19 vaccine and at least one booster shot. The University does not require a second booster dose at this time.

New employees must complete and submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (or their first weekly test) within seven days of beginning employment.

Proof of vaccination, booster doses and test results must be submitted via the Health Portal on eCampus. Alternatively, they can be emailed to Health Services at or securely faxed to 516.877.6008. Your documents will be securely stored and become part of your confidential health record.

No. If you are a student in a fully remote/online degree program, the vaccination policy does not apply to you. Likewise, if you are a staff or faculty member fully assigned to remote work/online teaching, the vaccination policy does not apply to you.

However, if you visit campus for any reason, you will be required to show proof of vaccination or wear a mask at all times. Be sure to have your online/remote status documented with the appropriate offices (class registration, manager approval, human resources).

Yes. Once you receive your booster, please upload your proof to the Health Portal on eCampus or, as an alternative, email it to or faxed it to 516.877.6008.

Yes, and all requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To request a medical or religious exemption, please refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination information on the Health Services website.

Yes, the Health Services Center on our Garden City campus continues to administer the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine and booster to our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Schedule an appointment today by calling 516.877.6000 or emailing

Eligibility is determined by the current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you have begun the process of getting vaccinated, please share your status with Health Services via an email to You will a temporary waiver while you complete your vaccination process. Once your vaccination is complete, you must upload proof of your completed vaccine series to the secure Adelphi University Health Portal.

Adelphi University will provide the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine and booster to you free of charge. Call Adelphi Health Services at 516.877.6002 to schedule an appointment and arrange a temporary waiver while you complete your vaccination. Once vaccination is complete, you must upload your proof to our secure Adelphi University Health Portal.

Yes. See the New York State Paid Leave for COVID-19 Vaccinations fact sheet.

  • Employees must notify their managers of scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments in advance
  • The time off should then be noted as “½ CV” (Covid Vaccine) on time cards and timesheets

If you have questions about paid time off for COVID-19 vaccine appointments, please email

No. Time off/reimbursement for weekly COVID-19 testing is not provided.

Health and Wellness Team
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