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So we’re proud to offer the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) as a resource for our prospective transfer students. With TES, you can view course equivalencies from your institution and know how they might transfer to Adelphi. Simply select your school and choose the appropriate course catalog from the years you were in attendance.

Get Started With TES

There are certain associate program curriculums in TES as well. This will provide you with a clear plan for your transition into a bachelor’s program at Adelphi.

Troubleshooting TES:

  • If you can’t find a course equivalency for a course you’ve taken, don’t worry—it doesn’t mean it won’t transfer.
  • If you can’t find a school that you attended in the TES database, then our transfer admissions counselors can help you.

Please note that TES equivalencies do not guarantee that courses will automatically transfer to Adelphi University. Our transfer admissions staff continually reviews equivalencies, which means that they’re subject to change. For official approval of transfer credits, please schedule an appointment for transfer credit evaluation through the Office of Transfer Admissions.

Transfer Credit Policy

The Office of University Admissions, in consultation with the appropriate academic departments, is responsible for awarding transfer credit. During your transfer to Adelphi, your transcript will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis by a transfer admissions counselor to determine course equivalencies, as well as exemptions from the general education requirements. We do require that the last 30 credits of your college work be completed at Adelphi.

We will accept:

  • Up to 64 college credits from a regionally accredited or NYS Board of Regents-accredited community or junior college, including online courses. Credits taken at a recognized junior institution outside of the United States will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • A maximum of 90 credits from a regionally accredited or NYS Board of Regents-accredited senior college or university (including online courses), with the exception of those senior college credits previously applied toward a two-year program or an associate degree. Credits taken at a recognized senior institution outside of the United States will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • A grade of C- or above for any course transferred toward a bachelor’s degree
  • No remedial or vocational courses
  • A maximum of 90 credits toward a second degree for students who have earned one bachelor’s degree and who are interested in pursuing a second degree at Adelphi
  • All appropriate and comparable courses undertaken by transfer students in the past 10 years at an accredited junior or senior college and for which grades of C- or higher were earned—college credit earned more than 10 years ago will be evaluated on an individual basis
  • Classes taken at the time of application or acceptance—forward an updated transcript to the Office of Transfer Admissions once your grades are posted for additional credit evaluation

Transferring Credits With Majors and Minors

  • If you plan to enter Adelphi with a declared major, you will contact your academic department upon admittance. A faculty adviser will be assigned to aid you in the process of scheduling your classes.
  • If you plan to enter Adelphi as an undeclared student, please contact the Office of Academic Services and Retention upon admittance. An academic adviser will help you plan your schedule and guide you in choosing a major.
  • An academic adviser will help you determine if your transfer credits will satisfy major requirements.

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