The New York State Education Department requires all social workers applying for social work licensure be trained as mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.

All students are required to complete this training in their foundation level practice class. Instructors may use the training and the certification towards the students’ final grade for the course. Students who are in Advanced Standing have to furnish proof of completion of the training in their undergraduate program. If they have not completed the training, they will be required to successfully complete the training in order to graduate.

The training is provided for free by New York State. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive an electronic copy of a certificate, which must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs of the School of Social Work in order to be cleared for graduation.

Steps for Registering and Completing the Mandated Reporter Training

Office of Children and Family Services

  1. Create an account on the Human Services Learning Center website
  2. Once registered, verify your email address through the confirmation email you receive.
  3. Once verified, you will receive an email explaining how to take the training course.
    • You must use a PC or laptop, not a tablet or phone.
    • You will have 30 days to complete the training.
    • The course contains several short modules, as well as a questionnaire and post-test. You must complete all parts of the training.
  4. In a separate email, you will receive registration confirmation with a temporary password; visit the Human Services Learning Center website and login with your email address and temporary password; create a new password when prompted.
  5. Once you are logged in to the Human Services Learning Center website:
    • Click on the “User” menu at the top of the website and select “My Registration”
    • The Mandated Reporter Web-Based On-Line course will be listed as the class you are registered to take.
    • Near the bottom of the page is a link “Click to view NYS OCFS Mandated Reported Course.”
    • You can visit this page as often as needed to view and complete the course.

Human Services Learning Center Technical Support:

  • For assistance with HSLC, please phone the HSLC Help Desk for answers and information at this toll-free number: 1(800)-413-3210
  • HSLC Support Specialists are available to provide technical assistance between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. each weekday. You can also send an email to
  • If you need help with the online MANDATED REPORTER – CHILD ABUSE IDENTIFICATION AND REPORTING – CLASS contact the Mandated Reporter (Child Abuse) Training Help Desk* at 1-800-836-0903 or email

*PLEASE NOTE: This HELP DESK provides assistance for ONLY ONE class, the Mandated Reporter – Child Abuse Identification and Reporting online training. Issues regarding any other trainings should be directed to HSLC Technical Support. See their contact information above.

Once you Have Completed and Passed the Exam

When you pass the exam, be sure to save the completion certificate. Then, print out a copy of the certificate and fill it out with a pen, including your social security number, date and address. Sign and date the form.

Keep one copy for your own records, submit a copy to your SWK 520 instructor (so that they can verify that you completed it during your 520 course) and send another copy via fax or email to:

Susan Rotondo (She/Her)
Student Relations Specialist
Phone Number
Social Work Building 221

You can also mail a copy to:

Susan Rotondo
One South Avenue, Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530

It is your responsibility to ensure that your certificate was properly completed and received as evidence that you have met this graduation requirement.

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