You’ve decided to pursue your master’s degree in social work to advance your career, so now you need to decide which program is best for you.


The Board of Accreditation within the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits social work programs.  An MSW from an accredited institution of higher education is required for licensure.

We’re proud to say that the Adelphi University Master of Social Work program has had continuous accreditation since 1951.


A degree from an MSW program can be expensive. However, those costs may be offset with various forms of financial aid. Most students will finance their graduate education through private means or student loans.

All MSW applicants at Adelphi are considered for scholarships up to $20,000 and Advanced Standing applicants are considered for scholarships up to $10,000. Additional financial support options include graduate assistantships and donor scholarships and fellowships. Our Online MSW is offered at a discounted tuition rate.

Explore our tuition costs as well as our scholarships and awards.


The best MSW program should offer options to students who must balance their education with work and family life demands.

Adelphi’s School of Social Work offers a variety of program paths to suit your personal needs. Knowing that many of our students are working professionals as well as caregivers, we developed our program paths with that in mind. Our online program offers the flexibility of asynchronous and synchronous courses. Synchronous courses are held on Thursday evenings.

We offer our social work program at all five campus-based locations:

  • Garden City offers day, evening and weekend classes
  • Brooklyn offers evening and weekend classes
  • Hauppauge, Poughkeepsie and SUNY Orange Middletown offer weekend and night classes

Full-time (two-year) and part-time (three- or four-year) options are available at all campus-based programs. Our online program is offered part time (three years).


You should explore the expertise the faculty brings to the program in addition to the curriculum offered.

Our faculty members are accomplished researchers, passionate teachers and tireless advocates for social justice. Their profiles serve as a great introduction, but learning and collaborating with them can change your profession—and your life.


Accredited schools of social work will offer required courses in theory, policy, research and practice. The modality courses are offered; flexibility in schedule and options for certificates or specializations should also be considered.

At Adelphi’s School of Social Work, we prepare students to be lifelong learners for effective, ethical, anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice, striving for social justice and human rights for a global and diverse society. Students choose three electives within the curriculum, so you can choose courses that are of interest to you and your professional goals.

Practicum Learning

All MSW programs require students to complete placement practicums. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) mandates that students complete a minimum of 900 practicum hours in a supervised, hands-on environment. Schools have varying methods of assigning students to practicum.

Practicum teaches students to apply the theory and knowledge learned in the classroom to social work practice in agency settings. You’ll work directly in human service agencies—with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. If you currently work in human services, you may be eligible to secure an employment-based practicum, possibly using work hours as practicum hours. Our practicum team will work with you to select your practicum experiences. Where you live and your availability will be factors considered, in addition to your interests.

Personalized Approach

Adelphi University and its School of Social Work emphasize the importance of a personalized approach to higher education. That means you’ll learn in smaller classes, with our faculty experts giving you personalized attention. Our administrative team and advisers are here to offer additional support to all our students, who receive personalized support from the time they apply to our program through graduation and beyond.

Why Choose Adelphi?

After taking all these important factors into consideration, you need to consider your work, life and school balance to select an MSW program that works for you.

With a deep-rooted commitment to making a difference in society, our School of Social Work actively places students in real-life settings, allowing them to work firsthand with individuals, families and community groups. By fostering collaboration with other professionals, the School aims to produce compassionate and skilled social workers who can make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who require assistance. We are consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the nation—making us a strong advocate for social justice and a driving force for ethical social work practice.

Our classes are small and supportive, whether they are taught in a traditional classroom setting or online. The curriculum is challenging, but the schedule is not—we teach at multiple locations in convenient formats. Our faculty and leadership are engaged social work scholars with extensive teaching experience. They are also recognized leaders in their respective areas of practice.

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