Start off on the right note by applying and auditioning to our music program.

Your music career starts here with your application for admission to Adelphi. The Office of University Admissions encourages you to learn about financial aid and scholarships and complete and submit an application. The music program has additional admissions requirements.

Your admission to our highly selective music program is by audition, which is by appointment only. Due to current restrictions, all auditions for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 applicants are digital only.

If you are applying for Early Action admission, you must submit all required audition materials no later than November 14, 2020.

Your audition will also determine whether you’ll receive one of our several talent scholarships. Auditions are not required for a minor in music.

Audition Requirements

  • You must notify in writing (by fax or letter) your proposed audition repertoire choices a minimum of two weeks prior to your scheduled audition date.
  • Candidates auditioning on more than one instrument, or as singer and instrumentalist, should offer one prepared work in each medium.

Composers will be asked to present and discuss a small portfolio of printed or manuscript scores of their works (preferably with a recording of at least one of those works). Composers may also offer to perform one of their own works, of which a score must be available. 

Three brief tests are used to help faculty understand students’ skill levels in key areas of musicianship and to appropriately place students within the sequence of theory and musicianship courses. The three music tests cover:

  • Sight-reading test: the ability to read and perform musical notation at sight
  • Pitch and interval recognition test: the ability to discern rhythm, harmony and melody from a recorded or performed musical excerpt
  • Theory advisory test: core knowledge of the basic materials of music, including scales, intervals and elementary knowledge of harmony. The test result may allow advanced placement in the freshman theory course.

A brief interview gives faculty the chance to learn more about your background, current work and career plans. You are highly encouraged to bring any supporting material that can help provide further insight into your past and recent music experience (e.g., a high school transcript with a record of music classes taken to date, copies of recent concert programs, etc.).

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